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How Technology is Ruining our Society

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“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”- Albert Einstein. Growing up today is much different than before. Everything revolves around technology. Our lives are measured by how many followers we have on Facebook, and the amount of likes we have on Twitter or Instagram. Communicating and interacting in person has become way more difficult, especially when letting out our inner-emotions and feelings. As for texting, it is much easier since you can’t see the other person’s reaction. Technology is obviously tearing our society apart, and the younger generations don’t realize this since technology is all they are used to.
Technology has undoubtedly advanced and improved our society. All the devices we use (tablets, iPads, iPhones, computers etc.) are making tasks much easier and more efficient, also allowing us to communicate with people from around the globe. However, quality time with others has translated to video calls, texts, phone calls and selfies. Hanging out with friends and spending time with family has transformed into a virtual reality. Meeting up in person has changed to Skype video calls and texts. People are no longer interacting with others due to the overwhelming need to text, or post something on social media. Sadly, eye contact with others is deteriorating and intimate connection is decaying.
We have all succumbed to social media’s hopes, and the different platforms have consumed our lives. The culture of technology has begun to define our self worth by how popular we may be on the internet, and how many likes we receive on our posts. We deeply care about the people who like or comment on our posts, and feel hurt if we aren’t as popular as others. We always strive to obtain as much followers as possible, no matter what the consequences may be. Because of social media -and technology in general- our styles, personalities and “coolness” is determined by how we publicize ourselves on the internet, and by how famous we may be on social media.
Social media sites (Instagram, Snapchat etc.) may be a new and advanced way to communicate with others, though it doesn’t mean that it is good/safe for you, because of all the people using those sites for the wrong causes. There are too many people you may not even know who can hurt you online. Teenagers have committed suicide from the hurt they felt just because others have written rude comments on their page. You can’t escape technology, it can hurt you severely. Death, committing suicide and extreme depression are some of the effects. This is all called cyber-bullying. You can get catfished online, and that can lead to more dangers you aren’t prepared for. It seems like technology is everywhere, so shut down your device and realize your true self-worth.
Nowadays, people are glued to their smartphones, iPads and computers. This isn’t good for your health. It will terribly affect your eyesight, and give you mental health issues. One poll has taken place US revealing that more than 50 percent of smartphone users use their smartphones a few times an hour or more, and 63% can’t bear to part with their mobiles, keeping them nearby while asleep at night. Young people use their devices more than any other age group with over 70% of those who polled checking their devices more than a few times an hour, not knowing its terrible negative impacts on their health and their environment, and so this needs to stop.
Your online information is not safe enough from someone who just wants to use, abuse, and drag your identity through the mud. Your reputation could be drastically tarnished in a way you can never come back from. Knowledge is power. People can use all the knowledge they have about you (which you have added on your page) to take everything you own and love away from you, financially and emotionally. Depression then sets in, and a mistrust for technology develops, causing you not to feel safe anymore. You can’t trust anyone with your information, and your accounts aren’t secure enough to prevent someone from hacking into it.
There are many ways we can solve the problems technology has caused. We need to start to use technology for what is was made for - making life easier - by only using when needed. We need to use it responsibly and wisely, as technology is not a toy, but a tool used to help us with calculations, directions, information, and much more. Instead of using it to play games and watch videos, we can decrease how much time we spend using technology daily, for us and our environment.
Too much technology also has ways of affecting the way our brain works. There are a few cures to that problem. Technology can affect your mental health terribly, and you can use medicine from natural resources and plants to solve this problem. Technology has contributed to the advancements of medicine greatly, meaning we have many resources to cure thousands of illnesses. Mental health issues is just one of them. We can begin to utilize technology for only what it helps us with, like healthcare. By doing this, we can solve many problems Technology has caused by just changing the way we use it, and the purposes we use it for. That way, technology won’t have such negative impacts on us and our environment.
Everything revolves around technology these days. Though it is helpful and makes tasks more efficient, people use it for the wrong causes. This can lead to multiple dangers, and a world with no possible way to communicate or interact with others face to face. Technology is a very harmful platform for us all, and could eventually tear our world apart if we don’t start to take action.

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