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Can French history be sold to property developpers?

The "Hotel de la Marine",one of the most exquisite building in Paris, located on what is probably the most beautiful and breathtaking place of the world, the "Place de la Concorde",  between the Louvre and the Champs-Elysées", in front of the Seine river is in great danger and need international support to be preserved in its pristine, newly restorded condition with it's incredible collection of XVIIIth and XIXth century furniture and interior decoration. The danger doesn't come from time, but from the administration. The Marine ministry occupied the Hotel since 1792 and is moving in 2012. What was formerly the"Garde Meuble" of Louis the fifteenth, the first decorative art museum in France, a building who's keepin within its walls many artifacts specially created for it during the brilliant french 18th will not exist anymore if you don't help us. What revolution,  commune of Paris,  great world war and  german occupation didn't destroy, some people are willing to do today for money. Can we let do that?

 The French government wants to sell it to private investors, wich will irremediably disperse the precious furniture, many of it have been designed specially for this place and made by the bests cabinet makers of the time. It will also destroy such a perfect museum of interior decoration and an anthology of French taste from Louis the fifteenth to to XXth century, probably the best preserved in France and in Europe, because it has always been the property of the republic since the revolution. Unlike the chateau de Versailles, who's furniture was sold during the French revolution, the furniture was kept in place and the hôtel was used ever since as offices for the military marine. 

 Please sign this petition for the love of french architecture and furniture, who inspired the world at the time and continues today. Sign This letter if you think France should keep such a precious and unique landmark for the world to see. 

 It has been built on Louis the fiftenth by the great architect Jacques Ange Gabriel, who also worked on the Chateau de Versailles. He constructed for the king the "Opera Royal of the chateau, the "Petit Trianon" designed for Madame de Pompadour who died before it's achievement, Louis the sixteenth gave it to Marie-Antoinette later. In Paris Gabriel is also responsible for the "Ecole Militaire" at the end of the "Champs-de-Mars" in the Eiffel tower axis. You can imagine how magnificient and prestigious is the "Hotel de la Marine", formerly the "garde meuble 

the "Petit Trianon", Chateau de Versailles

To Francois Fillon
Prime Minister of France 
Hôtel de Matignon 
57, rue de Varennes 
75007 PARIS

We have been aware that one of the most exquisite building of Paris, the "Hotel de la Marine" on Place de la Concorde, conserving within its walls its original decoration and furniture, which is unique in France was in great danger.

Even one of the great landmarks of France, the chateau de Versailles attracting millions of tourists every years , lost its furniture during the revolution and is little by little reconstituted with donations. We are very afraid of what can happen if the French government sell or rent this place to private interest. The public interest is to preserve culture and landmarks such as this one for futur generations. Private interest is money. Can France get rid of this piece of it's own history? 

The friends of the "Hôtel de la Marine", with a great number of French and foreigners are aware that this palace can soon loose it's vocation, it's interior decoration, furniture and collections may be dispersed. Many of us will write to you personally, as suggested by the "Amis de l'Hôtel de la Marine" 

I beg you in our names, Mister the Prime Minister, to keep the "Hôtel de la Marine" in it's integrity and to maintain a public vocation within it's walls. 

With kinds regards,

 Patrick Gagne