Horseshoe Bend (Marietta, Ga) Cobb County Citizen's Awareness Program (C.A.P)

Denise Brisbon
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2 Signatures Goal: 250

Horseshoe Bend Resident,


It's about that time of year!

Did you know holiday travel coupled with increased shopping, sadly, also means an increase in burglaries, break-ins and overall crime?


Horseshoe Bend residents met a few times before - but had a bit of trouble gathering the 250 petition signatures needed to have Cobb County endorsed Citizen's Awareness Program (C.A.P.) also known as the Neighborhood Watch program. 


According to the rules, we must secure "at least 50% of the homeowners or apartment residents to sign the C.A.P. Petition.  The petition needs to include the name, address and phone number for each petitioner."


Remember - living in a subdivision with a Neighborhood Watch program can lower your home insurance rates and premiums - but the overwhelming benefit is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you live in a community where you and your fellow neighborhoods are all looking out for one another's safety!


Please sign petition below - and remember to guard your privacy, select the option that allows you to post your name, address, phone number - while keeping the information hidden from others. 


Denise Brisbon




  • David Johnson
    David Johnson United States, Powder Springs
    Feb 26, 2014
    Feb 26, 2014
    I am not entirely certain why no one else has signed this petition, but why wouldn't we all? It can do nothing but help everyone to have a neighborhood watch. We all live here, we all want to be kept safe, and more importantly, our families kept safe, so this benefits all of us. As much as having Cobb County patrol our streets constantly is great, (why is that again?) who better to help patrol them than us? If we help patrol them, then we are involved and part of the solution and not just bystanders to whatever problem happens. Just a thought. I think it is a great idea, as long as everyone agrees no over the top self absorbed militants. They are part of the problems in the world too.


  • 4 years ago
    David Johnson
    4 years ago