Homeowners of Northwoods taking over the Association

Jennifer Peterson
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Homeowners associations (HOAs) are meant to manage common areas and property maintenance in housing developments and planned unit developments (PUDs) through member fees. HOAs develop rules for members to follow to encourage property upkeep and to increase property value. Ideally, these rules provide members with a sense of comfort and satisfaction, but if the rules are too restrictive, it is easy to feel that your individual ownership rights are obstructed. In these situations, seeking to dissolve your HOA is a common course of action. Homeowner associations provide many benefits to their residents. Some of these are that the neighborhood stays united with a set of rules that maintains appearances, the association maintains the property and grounds of the neighborhood, and provides a fair place for neighbors to settle disputes. Doing these things consistently and effectively can be extremely rewarding. At this time many of do not know our board of director nor the new third party management company in place. This petition is to set up a meeting to vote on us taking ownership of our neighborhood and HOA instead of using a third party. For most homeowner associations, the best, most efficient way to take care of the actual management and care of its neighborhood is to take ownership and select our board of directors as a community owners not using a third party vendor.




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