Make Hollywood Respond to Internet Petitions

Eric Charles
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To: Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros, Disney, Universal, 20th Century Fox, and Paramount (and all of their subsidiaries) We, the undersigned, request that our internet petitions encouraging changes in the film industry be acknowledged and put into practice based on the obvious correlation between clicking on an internet petition and undeniable future profitability. Though there have been many successful petitions asking the major film studios to recast actors (50 Shades of Grey, Batman), create new properties (a stand-alone Tom Hiddleston Loki film), or invest in sequels (Dredd), none of these petitions have been taken seriously. As endorsers of this petition, we request that our petitioning of the Hollywood film system be treated as a mandate, whether we are petitioning for new films, casting changes, changes to leaked first drafts of scripts, adjustment of a director's vision, or disagreements over costuming. When you start honoring our demands, we, the undersigned, promise never to let another fan-requested film fail at the box office. We're sorry about Firefly.





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