Hollywood Stop Your War On American Gun Owners

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Hollywood.  We the American gun owners do not appreciate you conspiring to take away our property or 2nd amendment rights.  The solutions you are promoting have already been proven not to work, in fact it causes more deaths.  Gun control does not work.

Banning our guns and limiting the size of magazines will only make it more difficult for us to protect ourselves and our family's against gangs, terrorists, and criminals.  Legal gun owners are not the criminals doing these acts of violence.  Why should we be punished for the crimes of madmen? 

Furthermore, we find your arrogance and haughtiness despicable, in forcing us to be helpless in the face of crime.  Your hippocracy is unbelievable.  You talk about disarming us while hiding behind your security and putting out a product that glorify s, violence and promotes the very thing you say you are against.

Since you have declared this war against honest, peaceful gun owners we will not go to or rent any of your movies until you stop trying to take our gun rights and property.  Furthermore, we will also not buy any products you sell or endorse.

We will not support you in your campaign of infringing on our rights and stealing our property.




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    Oscar Narvaez United States
    5 years ago
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    KYLE VANCE United States
    5 years ago