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Hold Mark May accountable for being a poor and biased college football analyst

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I'm an avid sports fan, an Ohio State Buckeye, and I'm incredibly proud of that. That being said, this is NOT a biased and hateful rant about Mark May. I want that to be clear. I've dealt with Mark May's continued, 100% BIASED hate towards Ohio State for years. I watch ESPN on Saturday's, I love college football, and it's very annoying that a petulant crybaby is given a podium to express his PERSONAL views in such a way. Why? Because he's supposed to be an analyst. Not a whiner. The greatest analysts in any subject matter provide breakdowns of situations and events that bring meaningful content to the listener. While Mark has occasional spells where he is tolerable, in general he is a grouchy, lame dude taking up space that could be occupied by someone who adds value to the set. He is a contradictory, grudge-holding curmudgeon. Examples? Sure. In a court-themed Q&A with Reece Davis and Lou Holtz on Sept. 29th, 2013 Mark says due to the Buckeyes weak schedule they must, "Win, and win impressively each week" if they have any hope of finding their way into the BCS title game. He elaborates, feel free to Google the video. Then during a score update today, Nov. 2nd, 2013 as Reece Davis comments on the Buckeyes being up 35-0 against Purdue, Mark gives a little poopy diapers look and under his breath whispers, "bullies". Minutes, maybe even seconds later he goes on to praise a Florida State team that has been blowing the doors off opponents all year because, paraphrasing, they are relentless, they keep attacking, etc etc... When the likes of Baylor and Oregon hang 70 points on their opponents week in and week out Mark talks about Marcus Mariotta and how he cannot be stopped, he talks about Baylor moving the ball like a machine with precision and finesse. Ohio State? Bullies. Mark, what happened between Sep 29 and Nov 2 to make you completely contradict yourself? You know they're filming... right? In a YouTube video titled "Mark May Hates Ohio State", Mark is commenting on an Ohio State vs Miami, FL matchup. His OPENING COMMENT is, "I think what could decide this game, as long as the officials from the 2002 championship game aren't on the field for Ohio State..." and he goes on from there. Mark, was there, or was there not holding on Miami's secondary on the play in question that you're referring to? You have tools as an analyst to watch film right? Go back, take a look, and let me know what you find. Not only does Mark specialize in contradicting himself, he's just plain inaccurate as well. There are more examples, but I don't have enough space to include them. The internet would be happy to help you if you'd like to find more. Mark has been featured on, which is an independent site that analyzes, you guessed it, analysts, and as far as I know is in no way affiliated with Ohio State. He engages in personal Twitter feuds with fans and even expressed his desire to physically harm 'haters' from Ohio State, according to Mark if you have such a personal problem with the Buckeyes, maybe you should change professions. I'm sorry that we've built a solid football program that brings joy to the students and community. I'm sorry that the Big 10 hasn't been the best conference for the past 10 or so years, although it used to be a powerhouse (again, shouldn't an analyst know that? its not like we've never been good). I'm sorry that we have an enormous alumni, community, and overall fan base and that we are a fixture of the college football landscape. But more than all of that, I'm sorry that viewers have to hear your voice every weekend crying about the Buckeyes like a little kid on Halloween that got their candy taken by a... bully... for lack of a better word. ESPN - all I want is someone who adds value to your programming instead of personal views and nonsense. The human factor does matter in BCS/future post-season, why is this guy allowed to dump on one program on national TV over and over again?

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