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To the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois:

We wish to state for the record that we have no confidence in Michael J. Hogan as President of this University. In our view he lacks the values, commitments, management style, ethics, and even manners, needed to lead this University, and his Presidency should be ended at the earliest opportunity. We reach this conclusion reluctantly and do not take the implications of it at all lightly. We recognize that there are real costs to ending another presidency so soon after the premature ending of that of Hogan’s predecessor. But we, as well as many others at our institution, find the situation with Hogan as President to be so intolerable that rectifying this mistake would be worth the admittedly serious costs. With the arrival of Chancellor Wise at the Urbana campus, each institution that comprises the University of Illinois is now in strong hands; thus we are confident that the University would be able to move forward and set its house in order. Many of the reasons for our reaching this conclusion were detailed in an earlier letter that Professor Michael Moore had sent to the Board (and circulated widely). In summary, those reasons were: • Hogan has repeatedly demonstrated an unseemly preoccupation with the material trappings of high office at the known cost of stirring up needless public controversy about the expenditures of the University for those trappings. • Hogan has exempted himself and those who immediately serve him from the financial discipline to which the rest of this University has been subject in times of frozen salaries and tight budgets. • Hogan has arrogated traditional Chancellor functions, such as those over athletics on this campus, into perks of his own office. • Hogan has by-passed the chain of command by meeting with deans and the Council of Deans on matters of substance without securing the presence of either our Acting Chancellor or Acting Provost. • Hogan engineered the supposedly “external” consultant report so as to make it conform to already pre-existing desires for a centralized, University-level enrollment, admission, and financial aid system, and then discussed what was essentially his report with the Board of Trustees without first having consulted with the faculty of this or any other campus. • Hogan has by his own admission attempted to spy on, interfere with, and even bully the Senate Conference’s in-house deliberations about possible responses to Hogan’s enrollment proposals. • Hogan’s acts and omissions surrounding the now famous, fraudulent e-mails bespeak a “failure of ethical leadership” (as found by a unanimous UIUC Faculty Senate), particularly since the person he most failed to supply with such leadership was his Chief of Staff, long-time friend, confidante, and one who was intimately acquainted with what Hogan wanted on this very issue and how he wanted to achieve it. • Given the circumstantial evidence provided by Hogan’s motive, opportunity, and characteristic modes of dealing, it has yet to be shown to our satisfaction that Hogan did not have an even more active role in the composing and sending of the fraudulent e-mails sent from his personal assistant’s computer than has yet been revealed -- although that assistant has coyly promised that “in the fullness of time” the truth will come out about this. • Hogan inappropriately directed those administering this campus that Hogan’s disgraced former Chief of Staff, Lisa Troyer, be elevated to a full-time tenured appointment in the Psychology Department of this campus – this, despite the ethical lapses of Troyer that no one (including Hogan) denies occurred, and despite the obvious conflict of interest Hogan had because of Troyer’s incentive to remain silent so long as some job security was obtained for her. These failings of President Hogan are independent of what we also consider to be the demerits of the enrollment proposals that have been so contentious on all three campuses of the University of Illinois. We are strongly opposed to these proposals, destructive as we think they would be to a campus whose academic excellence we cherish. But President Hogan’s failings transcend this issue. Rather, the list above is of failings personal to him and to his style of “leadership.” Added to these nine reasons given above is a tenth reason, one only revealed in documents recently produced by the central administration, under the compulsion of the Freedom of Information Act. We refer to the extraordinary bullying, arrogance, disrespect, and hubris that Hogan displayed in chastising Phyllis Wise, this campus’ new Chancellor, while she was just two months on the job. Sounding more like Louis XIV than a university president, Hogan told Wise that “my goals are your goals” (apparently necessarily so given the power structure between them as Hogan sees it). Hogan also chastised Wise for her “lack of leadership” in not following his directives to quell faculty opposition to the enrollment proposals; this chastising presupposes a meaning of “leadership” whereby a leader “leads” by doing exactly what she is told, nothing more and nothing less. Hogan also presumed to dictate detailed “talking points” to Wise that she was to use to overcome opposition from various deans and senators on this campus, talking points phrased in the first person as if they were Wise’s own thoughts when they were not. We are quite frankly appalled by this disrespectful manner of dealing with a Chancellor of this campus, particularly one new to the job. These insulting, disrespectful, and downright bullying kinds of communications from Hogan to our Chancellor are of a piece with Hogan’s expressed petulance and anger at Professor Chambers and other senators last December when they openly opposed Hogan’s enrollment plans. Hogan has thus shown us here in Illinois what he showed those overseeing his earlier Presidency at the University of Connecticut. As Connecticut State Senator Thomas P. Gaffey (Chair of the Connecticut Legislature’s Education Committee and thus Hogan’s overseer there) put it: “He [Hogan] was uncomfortable with it to the point of frustration if you had the temerity to ask him a question. He had an imperial view of his position. It was almost like a monarchy.” (Gaffey was so quoted in the New York Times.) We have no need of kings on this campus, or of petty tyrants with delusions of grandeur, particularly ones as preoccupied with their own power as this one. We are disturbed by President Hogan’s repeated demonstration that he is devoid of any respect for, and commitment to, the long-standing autonomy and academic excellence of the Urbana campus, characteristics that have served this campus well and propelled it to world-class stature. We thus write to express both our lack of confidence in Michael Hogan and our hope that, as stewards of the future of this institution, you will assess our reasons dispassionately, and do the right thing for the students, staff and faculty of the University of Illinois. That would be to ask for President Hogan’s resignation. Sincerely,


THIS PETITION WAS INITIALLY SIGNED BY THE FOLLOWING CHAIRS AT UIUC: Nancy Abelmann Associate Vice Chancellor for Research -- Humanities, Arts, and Related Fields, Harry E. Preble Professor Daniel P. Abrams Donald Biggar Willett Professor in Engineering Richard Alkire Charles J. and Dorothy G. Prizer Chair Emeritus, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Heitor Almeida Stanley C. and Joan J. Golder Professor of Corporate Finance Imad L. Al-Qadi The Founder Professor of Engineering, Director, Illinois Center for Transportation Director, Advanced Transportation Research and Engineering Lab Kathryn Anthony Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Distinguished Professor, Design, School of Architecture Robert Averback Donald W. Hamer Professor, Materials Science and Engineering Tamer Basar Swanlund Chair and Center for Advanced Study Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Rashid Bashir Abel Bliss Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering & Bioengineering Director, Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory, Co-Director, Center for Nanoscale Science Jay Bass Ralph E. Grim Professor of Geology Gordon Baym Center for Advanced Study Professor of Physics, George and Ann Fischer Professor of Engineering May Berenbaum Center for Advanced Study and Swanlund Professor and Head, Department of Entomology Dan Bernhardt IBE Professor of Economics and Finance Jim Best Threet Professor of Geology Richard Blahut Henry Magnuski Endowed Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering Botond Bognar Professor and Edgar A. Tafel Chair in Architecture Paul V. Braun Ivan Racheff Professor of Materials Science & Engineering Andreas C. Cangellaris M. E. Van Valkenburg Professor and Head, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering Jose Antonio Cheibub Professor of Political Science, Boeschenstein Professor of Political Economy and Public Policy Kent D. Choquette Abel Bliss Professor of Engineering James J. Coleman Intel Alumni Endowed Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering John Cronan Head and Professor of Microbiology, Microbiology Alumni Professor John P. D’Angelo University Scholar, Kenneth D. Schmidt Professorial Scholar, Professor of Mathematics Leon Decosta Dash Swanlund Chair Professor of Journalism, Director of the Center for Advanced Study Scott E. Denmark R. C. Fuson Professor of Chemistry Lizanne Destefano Director, Illinois Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Initiative (I-STEM), Fox Family Professor of Education, Professor of Educational Psychology Dana D. Dlott William H. and Janet G. Lycan Professor of Chemistry Robert H. Dodds, Jr. M. T. Geoffrey Yeh Endowed Chair of Civil Engineering Sharon Donovan Professor & Melissa M. Noel Endowed Chair in Diet and Health J. Craig Dutton Abel Bliss Professor of Engineering, Professor of Aerospace Engineering Amr Elnashai Bill and Elaine Hall Endowed Professor Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans IBE Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Business Administration Milton Feng Holonyak Chair Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Placid M. Ferreira Department Head and Grayce Wicall Gauthier Professor, Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering Barbara Fiese Professor and Director, Family Resiliency Center, The Pampered Chef Endowed Chair in Family Resiliency Firouz Gahvari Lieby Hall Endowed Chair and Professor of Economics Marcelo Garcia Chester and Helen Siess Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering John Georgiadis R. W. Kritzer Professor, Mechanical Science & Engineering John A. Gerlt Gutgsell Chair, Professor of Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Biophysics Philippe Geubelle Bliss Professor and Interim Head, Department of Aerospace Engineering Martha U. Gillette Center for Advanced Study Professor, Cell & Developmental Biology Alumni Professor, Leader of Restorative Neuroscience Initiative, Division of Biomedical Sciences, Professor and Past Head of Cell & Developmental Biology, Professor of Molecular & Integrative Physiology, Bioengineering Neuroscience Program Nigel Goldenfeld Swanlund Chair, University Scholar and Professor of Physics Steve Granick Founder Professor of Engineering, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Laura Greene Swanlund Chair and Center for Advanced Study Professor of Physics Margaret R. Grossman Professor and Bock Chair in Agricultural Law Martin Gruebele James R. Eiszner Professor of Chemistry, Physics, Biophysics, and Computational Biology Taekjip Ha Gutsgell Professor of Physics Bruce Hajek Leonard C. and Mary Lou Hoeft Endowed Chair in Engineering Jiawei Han Abel Bliss Professor, Department of Computer Science Michael T. Heath Fulton Watson Copp Chair in Computer Science Ian Hobson Swanlund Chair and Center for Advanced Study Professor of Music Valerie Hotchkiss Director of the Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Andrew S. G. Turyn Professor, Professor of Medieval Studies, Religion, and Library Science Frederick Hoxie Swanlund Chair and Center for Advanced Study Professor of History, Law, and American Indian Studies Lawrence Hubert Lyle H. Lanier Professor of Psychology, Professor of Statistics and Educational Psychology Heidi Hurd David C. Baum Memorial Professor of Law, Co-Director, Program in Law and Philosophy Wen-mei W. Hwu Professor and Saunders III Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., Endowed Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering David A. Hyman Richard & Marie Corman Professor of Law, and Professor of Medicine Scott Irwin Laurence J. Norton Chair of Agricultural Marketing, Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics Anthony M. Jacobi Richard W. Kritzer Distinguished Professor, Mechanical Science and Engineering Jianming Jin Y.T. Lo Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering Charles M. Kahn Fred S. Bailey Memorial Chair of Finance Shiv Gopal Kapoor Grayce Wicall Gauthier Chair, Mechanical Science and Engineering, Director, the Center for Machine Tools Systems Research Susan Kieffer Walgreen University Chair and Center for Advanced Study, Professor of Geology and Physics Tschangho John Kim Endowed Professor of Urban and Regional Systems Roger Koenker William B. McKinley Professor of Economics Dave Kranz Professor of Biochemistry, Phillip A. Sharp Professor James H. Kuklinski Matthew T. McClure Professor, Department of Political Science Praveen Kumar Lovell Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Paul Kwiat Bardeen Professor of Physics Fred Lamb Professor of Physics and Professor of Astronomy, Brand and Monica Fortner Endowed Chair of Theoretical Astrophysics, Director, Center for Theoretical Astrophysics Jean-Pierre Leburton Gregory Stillman Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor of Physics Anthony J. Leggett John D. and Catherine T. Macarthur Professor, Professor of Physics, Professor in the Center for Advanced Study Deborah Leckband Reid T. Milner Professor, Department of Chemistry Andrew Leipold Edwin M. Adams Professor of Law, Director of the Program in Criminal Law and Procedure Jennifer A. Lewis Director, Materials Research Laboratory, Hans Thurnauer Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Stephen P. Long Gutgsell University Endowed Professor Yi Lu Jay and Ann Schenck Professor and HHMI Professor, Departments of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Bioengineering and Materials Science and Engineering Vicki Mahaffey Clayton and Thelma Kirkpatrick Professor of English and Gender and Women’s Studies Nancy Makri Gutgsell Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Physics Benito Marinas Ivan Racheff Professor of Environmental Engineering Robert Markley W. D. and Sara E. Trowbridge Professor of English, Writing Studies, and Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies Moshe Matalon College of Engineering Caterpillar Professor Edward McAuley Shahid and Ann Carlson Khan Professor in Applied Health Sciences Robert McChesney Gutgsell Professor, Professor of Communication Jeffrey S. Moore Murchison-Mallory Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Michael S. Moore Walgreen University Chair and Center for Advanced Study, Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy Catherine J. Murphy Peter C. and Gretchen Miller Markunas Professor of Chemistry Ralph Nuzzo Professor of Chemistry, G.L. Clark Professor of Chemistry William D. O'Brien, Jr. Donald Biggar Willett Professor of Engineering, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Eric Oldfield Harriet A. Harlin Professor of Chemistry Craig A. Olson LER Alumni Professor, School of Labor and Employment Relations & Department of Economics Thomas J. Overbye Fox Family Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Jong-Shi Pang Head and Caterpillar Professor, Department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering Gary Parker Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Dept. of Geology Robert Dale Parker James M. Benson Professor in English Glaucio H. Paulino Donald B. & Elizabeth M. Willett Professor of Engineering Andreas A. Polycarpou W. Grafton and Lillian B. Wilkins Professor, Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering Richard Powers Swanlund Professor of English, Professor, Center for Advanced Study Thomas Rauchfuss Lycan Professor of Chemistry Laurie Reynolds Professor of Law, Prentice H. Marshall Professor John Rogers Flory-Founder Chair in Engineering Mark J. Rood Ivan Racheff Professor of Environmental Engineering Robert W. Rumbelow Brownfield Professor of Music, Director of Bands Taher Saif Gutsell Professor, Mechanical Science and Engineering, Research Professor, Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory Peter Sauer Grainger Chair Professor of Electrical Engineering Kenneth Schweizer Morris Professor of Material Science and Engineering Mark A. Shannon J. W. Bayne Professor, Mechanical Science and Engineering, Director, the WaterCAMPWS Center Marc Snir Michael Faiman and Saburo Muroga Professor, Department of Computer Science Theodore Sougiannis KPMG Distinguished Professor of Accountancy B. F. Spencer, Jr. Nathan M. and Anne M. Endowed Chair in Civil Engineering, Director, Newmark Structural Engineering Laboratory, Director, NEES @ Illinois, Director, Smart Structures Technology Laboratory R. Srikant Fredric G. and Elizabeth H. Nearing Endowed Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Donald Scott Stewart Shao Lee Soo Professor, Mechanical Science and Engineering Daniel Sullivan Swanlund Chair, Professor of Theatre Kenneth Suslick Professor of Chemistry, Marvin T. Schmidt Professor in Chemistry Kelly Tappenden Kraft Foods Human Nutrition Endowed Professor, University Distinguished Teacher-Scholar, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Billie Jean Theide James Avery Endowed Chair/College of Fine and Applied Arts Brian Thomas C. J. Gauthier Professor of Mechanical Engineering Deborah Thurston Gutsgell Professor of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering Maria Todorova Gutgsell Professor of History Charles L. Tucker III Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, College of Engineering and Alexander Rankin Professor of Mechanical Engineering Thomas S. Ulen Swanlund Chair Emeritus, Professor Emeritus of Law Albert J. Valocchi Abel Bliss Professor of Engineering Wilfred A. van der Donk Richard E. Heckert Professor of Chemistry, Professor, Institute for Genomic Biology Lila O. Vodkin Professor, Charles Adlai Ewing Chair, Department of Crop Sciences John Weaver Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Donald Biggar Willett Professor of Engineering Scott R. White Donald B. Willett Professor of Engineering, Department of Aerospace Engineering Carl R. Woese University Ikenberry Professor of Microbiology Donald J. Wuebbles Harry E. Preble Professor of Atmospheric Sciences Huimin Zhao Centennial Chair Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Bioengineering, IGB, Center for Biophysics and Computational Biology Charles F. Zukoski Elio Eliakim Tarika Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


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