Hobbist Oposed to HB: 912

Eric English
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We strongly oppose House Bill 912 for a number of reasons. The first, is it's a solution looking for a problem. The second, is the bill is blatantly unconstitutional. There is no reasonable expiation of privacy outside your home, therefore photography is protected by the first amendment. . What this bill refers to are remote controlled airplanes or helicopters with small, low resolution cameras mounted on them. They have a flight time of much less than an hour. They are hardly, the best way to spy on someone. A camera mounted on a telephone pole would be a lot cheaper, and more effective. There are already laws in place and a self regulatory body to handle this issue. The Academy of Model Aeronautics Is the governing body for the approximately 14,000 R/C aircraft pilots in the state of Texas. We have strict rules about how and when to fly our aircraft and we obey all FAA and FCC rules. We pay mandatory liability insurance, for the extremely unlikely event our planes would cause any property damage. Flying remote controlled aircraft is a clean, wholesome, and educational, hobby for both the young and old. The average age of an AMA member is 47 years old. We teach youth about aeronautics, electronics and robotics. This bill would make criminals out of a group of hobbiest, teaching children math and science, in a fun environment.



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