Hmong Maoday on Facebook

C Xiong
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Hmong Maoday is a like page created on Hmong is a race/ethnicity and the word maoday translate to "bitch" in English. This page is a product of hate speech towards a gender and race which violates Facebook terms but it seems no matter how many times we try to report this page Facebook does not take any drastic measures. So, i have started a petition to try and bring this social media matter up as an example of how hate pages and cyber bullying continue to be an ongoing problem in social media.

Not only is "Hmong Maoday" a hate page, but this page is dedicated to stealing any young girl's picture and posting them up. So, that means your daughters, cousins, friends, basically anyone can become a victim of this page. This page invades someone's privacy, violates their photo/copyrights, it promotes stereotypes against women, and most of all it creates a space to bullying an individual. This page violates personal rights and liberty that we are all entitled to.

We can work together as a community and take down Hmong Maoday by signing this petition. Let's make a stand to no longer tolerate cyber bullying and protect our privacy rights! Sign this petition in efforts to remove this page. Please share this petition with your friends and family.