Horseland Changes

Stine Andersen
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As rumors have it, our beloved Horseland as we know it today will be changed into a horseland Junior interactive game. If these changes take place to horseland alot of dedicated, trusted, supportative, and good breeders will quit. If this majority quits they wont be upgradeing to support the game, thus hindering this advancement. Horseland will be able to strive off money already invested but without constant funds coming in Horseland will eventually flop Sign the petition to put an end to our hard work in animals being ruined in a game where you may have to knock down pylons or jump fences to gain points. Put an end to these flashgames that the old Horseland players may have to get accustomed too. FIGHT THE CHANGE. Sign this petition and make yourself heard. Please listen just this once to the most devoted players of Horselnd. The future of Horseland depends on the voices of it\'s players, new and old. Stop this change to our beloved Horseland as we know it now.