Saving the Historic Treasures of Coney Island!

Juan Rivero
Juan Rivero 5 Comments
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Dear MayorBloomberg:

Coney Island’s rich history is in danger. Many of Coney Island’s remaining historic buildings are threatened with imminent demolition.

As these renderings ( show, the senseless destruction of these historic assets would be a squandered opportunity. Moreover, in the current economic climate these demolitions would blight the area with vacant lots and second-rate development for the foreseeable future.

Coney Island is an American treasure. Please act now, before it’s too late, to ensure its successful revitalization by protecting the best of its past.



Save Coney Island works to encourage the reuse of Coney Island's historic structures, promote more events and activities, and develop a positive long-term vision for Coney Island built around its outdoor amusement parks.




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