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TO HIS EXCELLENCE PRESIDENT R G MUGABE. Your excellence it makes sad reading everyday to see people entrusted with the public purse indulging in this unbelievable corruption. Especially at this turning point of our national transition and the inherent difficulties we face as a nation. We are patriotic Zimbabweans who cherish the ideals of the Liberation Struggle your person embodies and represents to the African diaspora at large. We the people of Zimbabwe right across the spectrum, ask that a public inquiry that will include accounting for taxes such as income tax, capital gains tax, corporate tax as well as official incomes of all public sector managers from local authorities to central government be conducted and anyone found guilty of corrupt practices be jailed and proceeds of corruption confiscated and forfeited to the state. The situation is so dire we advocate for the uncompromising treating of corruption along the way the successful Chinese have done and continue to do, in short zero tolerance to corruption in the public office. It may seem a daunting task to inquire on those that have not faced any allegation, we assure you we do not take this lightly and appreciate the need to maintain the integrity of government and not end up with unintended consequences of a dysfunctional civil service gripped in terror, only the guilty are afraid. We propose that while those facing allegations and their corporate bodies are targeted in the first instance, others are asked to provide disclosures on their wealth and sources on a voluntary basis with a clear warning that undisclosed assets subsequently found will be forfeited to the state and culprits prosecuted. This is the anti corruption tone we ask you set as a lasting legacy to your illustrious life dedicated to the total emancipation of the oppressed people of Zimbabwe. You have successfully done this in the past via the Sandura Commission and the War Victims Compensation Fund Inquires. All the signatories by virtue of their signatures herein are 100% behind you in this fundamental end game to our transition, we have great faith in you as you have always stood unshaken on principle. From a political perspective this is happening outside electioneering so nobody can claim its a vote catching gimmick. We have termed this; CORRUPTION IN ZIMBABWE, THE FIGHT OF OUR LIVES, we implore you your excellence to act on this, because if you don't for whatever reason Your Excellence, all your life long great achievements are at great risk of unraveling as people will perceive non action as endorsement of these evil deeds. We are copying this to the Speaker of Parliament and President of the Senate to pass on to each and every representative of the people. It is good that we are having all these revelations, but, what is more important and fundamental is the pursuit of the culprits and confiscating their ill gotten wealth, that is what all signatories are asking for in the first instance. For the long term we ask that legislation and rules on sentencing guidelines for corruption be reviewed to treason levels for all public sector managers as a deterrent. Your excellence, we ask that the anti corruption commission report directly to the presidium under the current state of emergence like conditions to avoid being intimidated or compromised in their work. We hope you will act on this preemptively so we do not end up with direct civil action by fed up citizens, which may result in civil unrest, property damage and other undesirables. We the people of Zimbabwe append our signatures herein in support of your anticipated prompt action. Be most kindly assured we are not regime change merchants but your supporters who believe in you and prefer we clean our own house than wait for outsiders:

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