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·Whitney Oaks Community Association (WOCA) concluded at the June 2013 meeting that a vote would be conducted by ALL homeowners concerning speed lumps at Pheasant Lane.

WOCA conducted a door-to-door survey of ONLY the Pheasant Lane homeowners to determine their wishes of installing speed lumps on Pheasant Lane. It was concluded by WOCA that speed lumps would be installed on Pheasant Lane. Homeowners were notified by September newsletter of this authorization by WOCA.

Pheasant Lane is a community street used for access to homes for all homeowners, and WOCA has given exclusive right to Pheasant Lane homeowners to determine its use.

WOCA will not conduct a traffic survey for our Hillcrest Community. There is no evidence of high traffic or speeding traffic on Pheasant Lane.

If you do not want speed lumps on Pheasant Lane, please sign this petition.



WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2013 (6:30pm)



At the June 2013 Whitney Oaks Community Association (WOCA) monthly meeting, a long discussion was held regarding the speed lumps installation at Pheasant Lane. The Petition of homeowners was provided to WOCA prior to the meeting by overnight mail, but they had not received it in a week’s time. However, Julia Plummer, Association Manager, was aware of the Petition and at the June meeting stated that WOCA did not count many of the comments because it could not confirm the anonymous comments made by Whitney Oaks Homeowners without their name.

Homeowners at the June 2013 meeting presented their position against speed lumps at Pheasant Lane, including a Pheasant Lane homeowner/police officer who said there were no speeding issues on Pheasant Lane, and he did not support the installation of speed lumps at Pheasant Lane. At the end of this long discussion, it was concluded by a statement from Julia Plummer, Association Manager, that there would be a survey of homeowners on this issue.

I have watched the monthly newsletters for updates on this vote, and waited for ballots—until the WOCA September 2013 Newsletter stated that the board, again, approved the installation of speed lumps at Pheasant Lane, and there would be a vote of other proposed locations in Hillcrest, but not at Pheasant Lane. I immediately wrote to WOCA and requested an Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR).

On October 9, 2013, I met with two board members, Stan Lederman and Eva McLain, for the IDR meeting stating my concerns that all Hillcrest homeowners have a right to vote on the proposed changes to all of our community streets, not just Pheasant Lane homeowners as if they have exclusive rights and use of Pheasant Lane. I also stated that at the June 2013 meeting discussion was concluded by a statement from Ms. Plummer that a vote by homeowners would be conducted on this issue. Why have we now been denied this vote? It was learned at this IDR meeting that WOCA went door-to-door at Pheasant Lane homes asking for their decision about the speed lumps on Pheasant Lane, and the majority approved the speed lumps on Pheasant Lane, and the minority conceded. Again, the Association has validated to the homeowners on Pheasant Lane that they have exclusive rights to determine the modifications to our community street, Pheasant Lane.

After my initial IDR meeting with board members on October 9, 2013, Stan Lederman claimed in his report to the board that I use Pheasant Lane “as a short cut”, and I don’t want speed lumps because the “installation of bumps would slow her down”. His report is erroneous and does not reflect the actual statements or concerns made during the meeting. I showed a diagram to Stan at that meeting that Pheasant Lane is not a shortcut, it is a community street available to homeowners on Vivien Way and Chasen Court when we choose to exit/enter the Hillcrest Community in or from a westerly direction. But the board relied on Stan’s insufficient and erroneous report in its determination to proceed with the installation of speed bumps. However, Eva McLain made a full report of the issues, stated that a traffic study has not been conducted in Hillcrest and she recommended that a traffic study in Hillcrest should take place. The board denied the recommendation made by Ms. McLain. WOCA also denied to me the right to receive a copy of each report/recommendation made by Mr. Lederman and Ms. McLain.

Upon receipt of WOCA’s denial of my appeal, I requested an additional meeting through the IDR process and it is scheduled for 6:30pm, November 6, 2013, at the monthly WOCA meeting to be held at the Oaks Building in Springfield. Homeowners are invited and encouraged to attend the meeting to express their position on the homeowner’s right to vote on WOCA’s intent to modify Pheasant Lane or any of our community roads. Also, to express our disapproval that WOCA has given exclusive voting rights to Pheasant Lane homeowners concerning the installation of speed lumps on Pheasant Lane, a community street.

However, if you cannot attend the November 6 meeting, please express your position on your right to vote as a homeowner on this issue by, signing this petition or send a quick e-mail, letter or phone call/text to Julia Plummer, as follows:

I am a Whitney Oaks homeowner at Hillcrest Community. I want my right to vote on the issue of speed lump installation on any and all community streets in Hillcrest, including Pheasant Lane.

Julia Plummer, Association Manager

Whitney Oaks Community Association

(916) 985-3633


The Management Trust Kocal Division

Julia Plummer, Association Manager

P.O. Box 1459

Folsom, CA 95763


FAX (916) 985-3744

Please sign your homeowner name(s) to your communications. The Petition produced in May 2013 and presented to the board had many anonymous comments, which WOCA did not credit as signatures without the homeowner name.

Thank you.


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