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This petition is from the taxpayers and residents of HIGHLAND COLONY Subdivision in Roswell, GA to Mayor Jere Wood & the Roswell City Council.  It is meant to express our desire to be connected to the rest of our community by a sidewalk at the back entrance of our neighborhood. 

HIGHLAND COLONY residents & neighbors would like to have a sidewalk put in on Old Mountain Park Road between the back entrance of our neighborhood to the Mountain Park Road intersection. Currently we are 1.1 miles from Mountain Park Elementary School and there are 144 homes in our neighborhood with over 40+ elementary age children that live here. There are sidewalks connecting most neighborhoods in this area including Brookfield Country Club, Wildwood Springs, Laurian Park & Hadfield. The school, as well as ALL of these neighborhoods, are within walking distance of HIGHLAND COLONY.  However, because of the short stretch between where the sidewalk abruptly ends at the Hadfield neighborhood, and the back entrance of our neighborhood, it makes it difficult for us to walk anywhere safely. 

In May of 2011 there was a national "Walk to School Day" that we participated in. There were at least 30 kids leaving our neighborhood and walking to the nearby elementary school (many of them cut through yards to Wildwood Springs just so they would have a sidewalk to walk on). The area between HIGHLAND COLONY and where the sidewalk begins is a fairly busy road in the morning - we had to have parents directing traffic as our kids walked on the side of the road until we made it to the sidewalk. As a part of the "City of Roswell", we should be connected to the rest of our community with a sidewalk. 

 Every person who has signed this petition agrees that a sidewalk on Old Mountain Park Road would be very useful in connecting us to our local schools, neighbors and surrounding community.





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