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Public Petition supports Metrolink Stop In Highgrove

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Reasons to support a Highgrove Metrolink Station June 23, 2009 • The Perris Valley Line Railroad track branches off from the BNSF # 3 main line in Highgrove and dead ends in San Jacinto. This 38 mile branch line from Highgrove to San Jacinto is owned by the Riverside County Transportation Commission and plans have been made for establishing commuter train service between Riverside and Perris (24 miles). • But in order to run trains between Riverside and Perris, a curved track is needed at Highgrove to connect the 2 railroads. Without this 19 acre property for the curved track, there will be no commuter train service between Riverside and Perris! • RCTC continues to insist that they want to build a station near Palmyrita Ave. where there are no commuter trains on the Perris Valley Line track. But only ½ mile north of their Palmyrita location, the Highgrove station already has commuter train service between Riverside and San Bernardino on the # 3 BNSF track. • A station on the Perris Valley Line near Palmyrita Ave. should be abandoned and here are the reasons why: • The 19 vacant acres have 2 different railroad tracks on its boundaries. The east boundary is the Perris Valley Line Railroad track and the west boundary is the # 3 BNSF Railroad track. • And the 19 acre Highgrove location is the same exact property that is needed for the curved track that is mandatory to run trains between Riverside and Perris! • The Highgrove station already has commuter trains passing by the west side of this 19 acres every day of the week including week-ends. • This amounts to 62 commuter trains per week that go through Highgrove between Riverside and San Bernardino- but they do not stop! • For several years, there have been 3,224 commuter trains per year that have been passing by this location in Highgrove without stopping because there is no station platform for the existing commuter trains. • And there is no need to use eminent domain to tear down any structures because the 19 acre parcel is all vacant land and is “For Sale”. • The location of the 19 acres in Highgrove has plenty of room for parking and is within a redevelopment area. • Highgrove is located the middle of the triangle between Riverside, San Bernardino and Perris and one station platform in Highgrove could serve all 3 destinations. • New property will need to be purchased by RCTC for a station site. There is no need to buy 2 different locations-one for the curve and another piece of property on the Perris Valley Line for a station where there are no commuter trains. • The Highgrove station could be used now, by using the existing 62 commuter trains per week, and this same platform could be used in the future when the Perris Valley Line is upgraded to meet passenger train standards. • The Highgrove station could be located on straight track next to the # 3 BNSF track between mile post 7 and Citrus St. which would be south of the curve from the Perris Valley Line connection. • With a construction timeframe of 2 years for example, while the Perris Valley Line track is being replaced, a new train signal system installed, and other stations built, there will be 6,448 commuter trains that pass through Highgrove that could have stopped for passengers at a platform on the west side of the 19 acres. • Delays in delivery of new equipment such as engines and/or coaches are also a possibility because new equipment will be needed for the new commuter train service on the Perris Valley Line. • No additional equipment will be needed with a station at Highgrove because the train service timetable is already established using existing equipment. (See timetable) • This logical plan from the people has been supported by every surrounding city, and/or community organization for the last 7 ½ years but nothing has happened! We have been requesting, writing, speaking, and talking to RCTC to get them to realize that the property in Highgrove is the best location for a station because commuter train service already exists. The existing trains just need to stop! See supporting Docs on website: • Our Federal tax money should be spent to address the entire area’s transportation needs and not just commuters in Riverside County between Riverside and Perris. • We are not opposed to commuter train service on the Perris Valley Line but we are opposed to the location where RCTC is planning to put a station where there are no trains that will only transport riders between Riverside and Perris when completed. • The Highgrove station will move the most people for the least amount of dollars spent and is a wise investment for the whole region on both sides of the county line. It is a plan for the “present” by stopping the existing trains at Highgrove, and it is a plan for the “future” when the Perris Valley Line is completed. • 3,224 trains per year will take thousands of vehicles off the freeways during construction. • Location, location, location are the 3 most important words in Real Estate. • Highgrove is the best location for a Metrolink stop because it will benefit commuters from both counties in 3 different directions: to and from Riverside, to and from San Bernardino and to and from Perris in the future, and not just future commuters between Riverside and Perris! • Please look at the important information on our web site: Watch the video, click on Metrolink, and Supporting Docs, and click on each letter of support dating back to 2001. • Please sign the petition and e-mail all your friends to support this petition. If you pay taxes-you can sign the petition! Thank you! R. A. “Barney” Barnett, 474 Prospect Ave. Highgrove, Ca. 92507 (951) 683 4994 (951) 683 7258 fax E-mail: Web site: After reading petition sign the petition at the bottom and please include your comments on the survey. It will take you to another screen. Make sure it says your signature has been accepted. You do not need to donate any money. You can confirm your signature by clicking on the tab at the top that says signitures. I support a Metrolink Station in Highgrove.


Concerned citizens that support this logical location for a metrolink stop.

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