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Hidden Dangers of Radiations

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Welcome! we are the "Young Scientist" Diva Dhar and Beatrice Kelly . We are students from Pathways School Gurgoan . We were disturbed by the rising cases of cancer and headaches amongst the people using the new - age gadgets, which lead us to exploring the hidden dangers of Radiation in our daily life, as our PYP Exhibition issue.

When we delved deeper into our investigation about radiation's effect on humans, we realized that a lot of people are unaware of how their mindless use of gadgets all the time of the day, is really harmful and in some cases life-threatening. We decided to spread awareness about the hidden dangers of using the gadgets inappropriately.

We feel that it is our responsibility to share what we know now with the community, so that we all can become responsible.

Be the change you wish to see......

We will start off with Do's and Don'ts -

Here are some Do's -

- Rather than keeping your phone against your ear try using a headset or keep your phone in upright position.

- If you want to use gadgets, have a specific time limit. It should be for around an hour a day.

- We prefer that you use the anti-radiation earphones

-Use wire-accessories instead of bluetooth accessories

-Use radiation shields available when you are around a nuclear power plant

- Keep the device in aeroplane mode, while you are not using your phone

- Keep the phone away while you are sleeping

- Avoid products that claim to block radio frequency energy

- Avoid cell phone use, when signals are weak

Here are some Don'ts -

-Do not use gadgets for too long otherwise it will lead to exposure to radiation or addiction to gadgets.

-Don’t keep your laptop on your lap as the radiation goes right through your skin

-Try not to keep your mobile against your ear. [try using wire headsets]

- Don't use blue tooth head phones as they are connected to the WiFi router that gives radiation

- Don't use fit bits \ apple watches as they have led which emits radiation

- Avoid microwaved food as the food is heated through rays

- Try not to watch much of TV, phone, i-pad etc. As addiction to these, increase exposure to radiation

-Don’t carry cell phones on your body; it emits radiation that can cause cancer

- Don't leave mobile data on, while you are traveling with your phone in your pocket, as the data radios [2G, 3G, 4G] emit the most radiation

- Avoid calling, text instead

Now that you know the Do's and Don'ts, try and follow them.


I pledge to mindfully and sensibly use my gadgets.

Thank you!!!

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