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Hey Spell Check (in web browsers), Check Yourself!

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It’s up to us to get web browsers to fix their spell checking software. They’re allowing prime marks (straight quotes) to be used in place of apostrophes and quotation marks. This is incorrect; it's considered type crime. We need to correct this!

Whenever you use a correct apostrophe in a contraction, to indicate possession, or omit letters or numbers it is often read by spell checker as incorrect — you’ll notice that in the featured image, it even goes as far as making a wrong suggestion (Look at the picture)!

Let’s draw some attention to this and rid the internet of this typographical crime.
Read more about it here:

Sign this petition and help the internet and the people using it correct themselves properly.



August 11
We are now live!




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    Beth Ann Rossman
    3 years ago
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    Mike McClintock
    3 years ago
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    Sean Yalda
    3 years ago

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