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Hey MPP Arizona wants to grow our own

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Marijuana Policy Project has announced Arizona will be part of it's 2016 ten state initiative. The Arizona Dispensary Association, a group responsible for targeting and financing the police raids against clubs, co-ops and markets, seeks to enforce a 25 mile rule similar to the one drafted into the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. This 25 mile restriction has been the source of numerous lawsuits and is the largest complaint of the medical marijuana community as a whole. Previous to the restriction being enforced through the opening of dispensaries, over 88% of all Arizona medical marijuana patients requested cultivation rights from the State.

MPP proclaims to want to regulate marijuana similar to alcohol and tobacco and had originally drafted a 6 plant per person, 12 plant per household provision for personal cultivation. The ADA however has refused to assist MPP with any funding unless the 25 mile rule is drafted into the upcoming 2016 adult use initiative coming from MPP.

Please sign this petition and let MPP and the ADA know that Arizona wants to produce our own cannabis, in our own homes, if we so decide to do so, as is our natural right and our protected right under the pursuit of "life, liberty, and happiness".

In 1978, Congress enacted Public Law 95-458 (H.R. 1337), amending the Internal Revenue Code to allow any adult to produce beer, without the payment of tax, for personal or family use. Tell MPP you want the same ability to produce your own cannabis.

Please share this petition everywhere and anywhere you think it might be seen by a cannabis consumer as this effects us all. This proposed law is a blatant violation of the Arizona State Constitution if the 25 mile rule is included and we need to let them know we will not stand for such conduct in our state!

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