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Herricks UFSD Pupil Transportation 8410; Reduce Mileage for Elementary, Middle School and High school.

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Every year our community recognizes the importance of voting to pass an increasing Herricks school budget to accommodate inflation, salaries, and staff. Helping us to provide additional resources for our children. Over the past 5 years Herricks pupil transportation has increased over 18 percent as per public records. Currently estimated over $5 million annually. This tax is subsidized by state and local taxes. Right now! less than 1/3 of the 4,300 pupils enrolled in school may receive bus service, Herricks UFSD owns a fleet of at least 30 buses. The state subsidizes some bus programs with our district.

Currently, The Herricks transportation policy; 8410 states elementary grades; K - 5 must be more than 0.75 miles (3960 feet) For grades; 6 - 12 more than 1.5 miles (7920 feet) from home to school qualify for bus service.

(Policy 8410 was revised:10/07/2021 via Board Action, in contridiction to state law)


The district utilizes the (shortest) available WALKING distance via properties adjacent to the Herricks Pond Park to measure. This land often becomes impassable during heavy rains and snow. (Holiday Park Dr. in petition photo). This affects numerous students in the district that are excluded from service. Students are obligated to travel vary narrow sub-standard sidewalks adjoining the steep grade to searingtown road as a pass.

The most direct walking route on shelter rock and searingtown road (Horse Shoe) has over 30 crossing points between the northern state parkway. Most do not have legally marked crosswalks or crossing guards present, vehicular barricades and sufficient sidewalks. A tremendous distance of more than 1.5 miles (7920 feet) for a child to walk to Middle school or High School.

We need a fair and equally distributed system. The most concerning is the severe congestion during pickup/drop off the board actions have created the congested neighborhoods and streets leading up to all of the 5 public schools. The administration has frequently threaten and blamed parents who struggle with no other option to get children to school. These board actions have only benefited the district by administrative board decisions and deceptive measuring practices. The lack of community protest has stripped away bussing for many families Herricks for well over 30 years. Many of the school busses are riding empty or extremely low occupancy.

The District Maps do not accurately reflect your mileage. The new Edulog app is not a measuring tool, rather a school bus GPS tool for bus routes. The tool used to measure the walking distance for may disputes is a walking measuring wheel which reflects the exact feet and inches, opposite of what the maps show.

This petition collaboratively proposes upon petitioners and the herricks district voters upon approval of a referendum. To bring new safety standards and expand a fair and effective service for more families in The Herricks Public School System.

The proposition:

1. Universal Pupil Transportation . Reducing the current eligibility mileage requirements for; grades K - 12: more than 0.50 miles (2640 feet) from home to the school they legally attend.

2. In accordance to state education law, establish a (CSZ) child safety zone study of the most direct walking route utilized to measure eligibility for transportation. The district shall provide transportation service upon approval to all who livewithin a (CSZ) from the school they legally attend as per voter approval and NYS education law.

Example of a near by disrict: https://app.guidek12.com/newhydeparkny/school_search/current/

We shall no longer allow board only actions to dictate our expenditures. It is time to reassess the needs of the community and safety of our children. Expanding safe and reliable bus service for all who qualify will eliminate the burden many families have endured. As parents it is our nature to acquire and advocate these fundamental necessities without fear in compromising services and programs. Providing safe alternative travel to school, proper nutrition and exceptional education are the basic essentials of any school district.

Please join us by signing this petition in support of proposition for Herricks UFSD to consider and write a voter approved referendum for transportation policy 8410. This policy has only been amended by Board Action. Which may be in violation of current NYS Education Law statue's.

Please kindly include your name and street address for (Herrick's District) residency verification. Please register to vote! visit the Herricks website for information:





Ref:https://ny02208178.schoolwires.net/Page/12909 (The multicolor zones represent the mileage limitations of your street address) see legend for mileage’s.




Archived references:

*** A FOIL has been submitted on 4/27. Which I request disclosures of information to be released from previous voter approved referendum. As pertaining to transportation policy 8410. A complete policy request for Herricks district maps and board of education policy and standards for physical signatures over printed names on electronic petitions submitted. I am awaiting a full response. The review and revised petition will be for universal pupil transportation for all Herricks students K-12. If approved, will be included a new voter referendum. A contingency of lowering the current eligibility mileage for transportation by half to .75 miles is also available. Standby for further details as they become available. I will share it with all families who are interested in the petition. I will also setup an email to request an appointment for physical signatures. The board has rejected any printed names on electronically signed petitions. It states it requires physical signatures. I will go to you or set up a meeting place going forward. What ever the outcome of this request, it will be voted on as a whole by the Herricks school district community. We shall no longer allow the BOE sole power to determine our needs. The congestion at our schools the high traffic at drop off and pick up. The complaints of residents in the community. Along with a blatant disregard of the needs of our families is the effect of this power. In my opinion, this is the reaction of an administration that is empowered by low community feedback.
Change is coming
Thank you.


***03/02/2022, The BOE, rejected the petition for consideration based on a “deficient of law.”? I’m awaiting a response of what is missing, as I’m confident all guidelines were followed in the preparation of said petition. If you wish to get any personal information on this matter please contact the district clerk of herricks for information. Lisa Rutkoske her office number is (516) 305-8903.,Please do not hesitate to speak up for a response. Thank you all for the support
Best regards Dan

Ref: http://herricksufsd.iqm2.com/Citizens/Detail_LegiFile.aspx?Frame=&MeetingID=1389&MediaPosition=&ID=2504&CssClass=

***As per BOE President, The Petition Is under legal review from the Herrick School Board District Noted 02/17/2022.

***Notice to petitioners: Today 02/02/2022. I submitted the first draft of this petition to the district clerk’s office of the Herricks school district. This petition is on going and will not end until budget vote is complete or the Board of education merits a resolve for our concerns. Thank you all for the support and continue to register your vote and be heard. Thank you!

Best regards Dan-


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