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Petition - Those who no longer wish to live with HSV1 & HSV2

914 Signatures Goal: 1,000 - for a Natural Cure if a Vaccine doesn't become available to us.


Those who no longer wish to live with HSV1 & HSV2

To whom it may concern:

This petition has been put forward to push forward research in the endeavour to find a cure for the horrible affliction that is the Herpes Virus. For many people, the emotional impact of herpes can be more distressing than the physical symptoms. Initially, herpes can impact how people see themselves, and cause worry about how others will see them. It’s common to feel anxious, depressed, isolated, angry, fearful of rejection, unattractive and disinterested in sex, however these feelings significantly diminish over time for most people.

It is said that prescription antiviral medications taken at the first signs of an outbreak can shorten the length of the outbreak or -- if taken early enough -- can even prevent outbreaks from occurring. Some people choose to take antiviral medication daily, a practice called suppressive therapy, which can reduce the number of outbreaks by at least 75% or even prevent them completely.

It seems the only option at this juncture is to rely on pharmaceuticals that suppress to varying degrees of success, depending on how lucky/unlucky you are

This is not good enough!

The problem with oral medication is that with pills the medication goes into the stomach and digestive track where a huge percentage of the drug is destroyed by gastric juices. It is then passed into the bloodstream where it circulates through the liver where it is metabolized (broken down) until there's nothing left of the drug to do the job properly. Getting the picture?

It's no coincidence that millions upon millions of dollars are spent each year on herpes medication, all of which will NOT cure the condition. This suits the Pharmaceutical companies as they are receiving the majority of this money. Since it is the Pharmaceutical companies that fund the majority of pharmaceutical research a cure for herpes would bring about an end to a global CASH COW that is only getting fatter. The smaller, but still considerable portion of the profits from suppressive medications goes to the government. The government just so happens to be the second biggest contributor to herpes research. Not unlike the pharmaceutical companies, governments stand to lose this income if a cure to herpes ever becomes available. Those of you suffering proactively would most likely know there are sectors of the private and academic research sectors working on finding the elusive herpes cure on minimal funding. They can be seen asking for money to further the research; this invites the opportunist to take money under this pretence. So who do we turn to? Who will find us a cure?

The answer.

Governments must be compelled to pour money into herpes research. Government has the power to force pharmaceutical companies to pour money into this research by raising taxes and levies on the suppressive medications. Why would Governments do this when they stand to loose a steady income? This is where we come into the picture. The only thing governments like more than money is VOTES. We, the public decide which political party gets to spend our tax dollars. We, the sufferers of this terrible affliction have the power to force the government to put money into herpes research. In a recent study conducted on herpes percentage in the general population, 50 participants were recruited from the general population in the age range of 19 to 71 years. Out of these, 19 were males and 31 females. All the participants were asked to provide blood samples and swabs of their eyes and mouth for 30 consecutive days. Results showed that 49 participants shed herpes virus HSV 1or 2 DNA at least once during the 30 day period while 37 participants tested positive for herpes virus; while just one participant did not shed at all. 3 participants shed the herpes virus in their tears but not in their saliva.

Statistically, 20% of every population (depending on demographics) will be suffering from symptoms of HSV. This represents a lot of votes, votes get results. By signing this petition, you will be showing yourself as a proactive sufferer of HSV, or a supporter of a good cause. This petition will be presented to parliament, together, we can make a difference.

Update: Herpes causes a host of SERIOUS diseases, such as alzheimer's, blindness, and meningitis. A cure to HSV1 and HSV2 can prevent these diseases and eliminate the possibility of the ultimate threat, HIV.

Update: What viruses cause encephalitis? (an acute inflammation of the brain - caused by a virus) -The major risk from viral meningitis is permanent brain damage.

The viruses that commonly produce isolated or unrelated (sporadic) cases of viral encephalitis are:
• The herpes simplex virus (also causes cold sores)

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March 17
To the readers. I have HSV2. I have used the following: Oregano Oil Coconut Oil MMS Olive Leaf Extract Zinc Garlic Supplements (and more but can't recall right now, just throw names at me to refresh my memory, ask me if i have used such and such and i will tell you) NONE of the above have worked for me. I am currently using a 'T-Rex Zapper' designed by Don Croft. He has advised for me to wear it for a month - around the clock. He said the virus life span is 3 weeks, and the zapper will kill the infected cells if worn on the sacrum (or near the sacrum) for a whole month. His website is I am not making money from this, i am just telling you where i am at. So far the zapper HAS NOT cured me. But i will keep you all updated. I spread the HSV2 to my chin, and the zapper has prevented me from getting symptoms on the face. However i am still getting symptoms in the genital region. SO the zapper has not worked - just yet. I have registered my interest with the clinical trials taking place in Brisbane, Australia. Here is the link for it if any of you are interested. Scroll down to the bottom of that page and thats where the clinical trial details are for HSV2. If any of you have tried 'Zeolite' something which i have not yet tried, please share your experience. If anyone has been cured and has positive and negative blood tests to prove it, email me at Nobody will believe this is curable until we see the results in writing. And i give you my word that if and when i am cured, i will be sharing my blood tests for all to see. I am sick of the damned virus, i want to help others like myself. Let's unite, share experiences, and join forces and ideas for a REAL cure. You can all communicate here, or if you are want personal enquiries answered, i can be reached via this email address: Kind regards.
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