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Recently, Tom Kaulitz (guitarist of Tokio Hotel) has been in trouble with the law over an issue involved with a member of Les Afghanes On Tour. Les Afghanes On Tour -- or The Afghans On Tour -- are a group of notorious French stalker girls whom have gone so far as to attack the band and its family members over a period of time, these crimes including but not limited to: the assault of Tom and Bill Kaulitz's mother, allegedly egging the band's cars and writing threatening letters to them, obsessively following (stalking) Bill and Tom, and planning via MySpace blog to "run over" Andreas, a close friend of the band. (Link to proof: The group's MySpace has since been deleted, but as you can see, this entry was posted on the 17th of April.) Reports claim that in an incident at a gas station, said girl picked up a lit cigarette that Tom had thrown out of his car window and put it out on his car, an action which was followed by him getting out and punching her in the face. (Note: Security cameras reveal that this might not have been Tom, but that it "looks like" him and it was certainly his car.) He will be interrogated by the police soon because of this issue, and one can only hope that given the evidence against these girls and the proof that she is a member of The Afghans On Tour, charges will be let go -- but we, as fans, need to help as much as possible. Our boys could be in danger soon if something is not done. So what can WE do, short of going to Germany and hunting down these girls ourselves Sign a petition, of course. Offer our help, our love, and our support to our boys in their time of need, and let them know that we are on their side and we, too, want to stop these girls before they get even more reckless. We can't do much in the way of stopping these girls ourselves, but we can show the band that we care! UPDATE: The girls hired a lawyer whom was working with David Jost, the band's manager, to work out an agreement between them. It was agreed that if the girls dropped charges against Tom, the band would have to, in turn, drop the charges against them. However, if this deal was accepted, the girls would also have to sign a restraining order saying that they would not go anywhere near the band or their families. The girls fired their lawyer so that they could continue stalking the band. The fear and trouble continues... Tom Kaulitz Is A Victim, Not A Criminal! Show Your Support! (NOTE: It's not sure how this petition will reach the boys yet. If you have any ideas for letting them see it, please let me know.)


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Picture of The Afghans on Tour: News about the stalkers firing their lawyer:
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