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Karl Warrington
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Today there are 51 million Americans that are uninsured. Not only is this a moral dilemma, but a financial one as well. We can no long afford to pay for people that are uninsured that only go to the hospital when they have a dire emergency. We all pick up the tab when that uninsured person gets airlifted to receive crisis care. We all pay the bill when that uninsured person gets mauled in a car accident. We all pay through our Dr. bills, premiums, and hospital bills. The only problem with this method of universal coverage is that it is an astronomically more expensive way to accomplish the same goal as simply making sure that every man, woman and child has adequate health care insurance. That's why the individual mandate and subsidies must stay in place.


Not to mention maintaining the ban of insurance companies from excluding people from preexisting conditions or being suddenly dropped from your insurance plan because you get sick.


Also, we must protect those millions of under 26 year olds who will suddenly have to pay for there own expensive coverage after getting dropped from their parent's. How many people under 26 do you know nowadays that are established enough to pay for their own health insurance? Not many I assure you, because graduate school is now a must in order to get anywhere in life.  Not only does this demogaphic have a huge debt load, now they have to find affordable insurance. Not under the new law. Guess what generally happens with this mainly healthy pool of people, they forgo health insurance all together costing you and me tens of thousands of dollars in premium inflation.


The new congress wants to gut and repeal this extremely important legislation. Please stand with me as we stop this insanity. I can't afford it, we can't afford it, and the American economy can't afford it.


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