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Hi there,
My name is Hannah Baldwin i am the mother of four young girls and am currently homeless after fleeing an abusive relationship.
I have four children ages 2,3,7&8, my 7 year old is autistic aswell as other difficultied and delays I have enclosed a copy if her most recent statement!
On the 29th February I left my now ex partner after the final strawnof him biting my little girl. I had been wanting to leave for a long time years in fact but I was so worried I wouldn't get help with housing as I knew I owed a housing association rent from many years ago.
That morning I went to my girls school as I had no where else to go and didn't know who to turn to. I turned up with a few bags I'd packed and the police and social services were called. Unfortunatly as the bite left no mark the police couldn't do anything.
The council were rang and I was put into a hotel in wychbold droitwich, now I'm from pershore. I had no money no food no nothing at all on me! We were there 9 days and I was just living off child benefit my girls were living off of things you could do with a kettle so noodles and pastas!
We were then moved to a b&b in Evesham. I was there three days. On the Monday morning I left to take the girls to school and attend a meeting. To be informed I had to leave that b&b due to noise! I have an autistic little girl she has meltdowns we were stuck in a room five of us no space for her to unwind!
The council then told me as I was asked to leave they had to duty of care anymore, but my social worker spoke to management and they managed to sort a temporary flat with a housing association for a week which leads me onto my current situation.
On Monday this week is up and I have to go back into another b&b if becomes available if it doesn't it'll be the hotel again, both of these are droitwich it'll cost £60 a week in buses! And my girls will go back to eating noodles and biscuits because I'll have to way to cook, or do washing etc!
The flat is with rooftop housing group and the council have offered to clear my arrears so can stay here but they aren't accepting and are now saying I caused £9000 worth of damage in an old property!
Yet a year or so ago I bidded on one of their properties in Broadway and was told if I cleared my arrears i could have it, no mention of any damage and money owed to them other than arrears!
Now I openly admit I left a mess! But I did not damage the property. I asked for a new kitchen as the whole street was getting them was told no. I left and they out in a new kitchen bathroom fireplace etc and have charged me for it all!! It wasn't damaged that was their choice to replace it it wasn't needed! I admit I left the mess and garden was a mess and then storage of my items is added to the cost too.
I know for a fact what I left would no where near come to £9000!!
I've offered rooftop to come check the property I'm in weekly to check for damage etc just so I can stay here because I am just do desperate. But they just aren't budging!
So we will go back into a b&b to again be asked to leave due to noise. How can five people be expected to share one room not enough beds for everyone in 2016??? One of whom is disabled!

I appreciate your time and no doubt I've gone on. But I'm honestly so worn out I suffer anxiety myself and all this stress is making me Ill. To hear your children cry themselves to sleep because they don't know where they're going to live is absolutely heartbreaking

I'm not asking for the earth I'm asking rooftop to let us stay here so my Children can be warm fed and clean!
I will even pay the money they say I owe so much weekly I will literally do anything to keep my girls with more than one room!

Thank you so much for your time


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