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Help FREE Duane "Dog", Leland & Tim Chapman

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We, the friends and fans of Duane "Dog, the Bounty Hunter", Leland & Tim Chapman, call for the US and Mexican Governments to drop all warrants and charges against these men who do so much (& have done SO much) to improve our society and rid the streets of criminals. Dog, Leland & Tim Chapman captured a VERY DANGEROUS ESCAPED RAPIST (who was also DRUGGING AND TORTURING his INNOCENT VICTIMS) that was on the run, something that NEITHER the US OR Mexican Officials could do. If it weren\'t for them, this MONSTER would (more than likely) still be out their DRUGGING, RAPING & TORTURING INNOCENT women TO THIS DAY. All because of Andrew Luster a BRUTAL SERIAL RAPIST who DRUGGED INNOCENT WOMEN in the U.S. with GHB & then VIOLENTLY ATTACKED THEM WHILE VIDEO TAPING the ASSULTS. It\'s because of him that these INNOCENT MEN are going through this, THEY AREN\'T CRIMINALS. This MONSTER has 86 counts of rape against him. E-I-G-H-T-Y S-I-X I CAN\'T EVEN BELIEVE he was still walking the streets period. The MINUTE Dog, Leland & Tim got him & they cuffed Andrew Luster A-L-L of his INNOCENT VICTIMS GOT THEIR JUSTICE, and I\'m sure now A-L-L of the INNOCENT Women who were his VICTIMS are N-O-W able to SLEEP BETTER AT NIGHT, and it was all because if Dog, Leland & Tim. ALL Dog, Leland & Tim were doing was making sure this MONSTER NEVER RAPED AGAIN by putting him where he BELONGS, BEHIND BARS. This is N-O-T the Message that we should be sending A-N-Y-B-O-D-Y. That you can flea to Mexico and hide from your Crimes their and then that ANYBODY who comes their to bring you back to America will be CHARGED & THROWN IN PRISON. THATS NOT RIGHT!! THEN EVERY CRIMINAL IS GONNA GO HIDE OUT THEIR. I think these POOR Men (& Their Families) have SUFFERED ENOUGH, for what...CATCHING A CEREAL RAPIST WHAT\'S THIS WORLD COMING TO What if Andrew Luster RAPED YOUR MOTHER, DAUGHTER, SISTER, FRIEND ETC.. This CREEP HAD to be STOPPED & DOG, LELAND & TIM were the ONLY ones who could do it, but they SHOULDN\'T be punished for it. These Bounty Hunters are being treated like CRIMINALS (WHEN THEY ARE N-O-T), when THEY ARE the ones who got a VERY DANGEROUS CRIMINAL OFF THE STREETS & gave S-O M-A-N-Y INNOCENT women their JUSTICE that they TRULY DESERVED, and probably in some form their lives back. They put themselves on the line when we couldn\'t. And now, they may get extradited back to Mexico What they did is considered a small misdemeanor in Mexico anyway so why are they being treated like this Why are we not protecting these Heroes of our country I am not the only one that is feeling like this. Anyone with sense and heart can see that they did the right thing! Where is the crime in that Thousands of us are boycotting travel to Mexico and will not sleep until Duane \'Dog\' Chapman, Tim and Leland are saved. So many people, with morals and good in their heart know that this is not right. I and thousands of others want to believe that the country we live in protect their heroes but we as Americans are really starting to question our government. How many Cops, Judges and soldiers can say that they have brought over 6,000 people to justice I still want to have faith that you will do the right thing and not let a hero and protector of our country be extradited. You represent us, the people. We are crying out and begging. Please do not ignore us, we will not back down. Dog, Leland & Tim Chapman, are the good guys who help our society everyday. In the words of Duane "Dog" Chapman [he/they] "Find \'Em And Fix \'Em." [The Criminals] He\'s the one who does that. He finds them & then he fixes them, and if he\'s not the one doing it, you KNOW the Cops aren\'t gonna do it. And he LOVES what he does, they ALL do. WE NEED THEM. We REQUEST and DEMAND their FREEDOM. Thanks for your time, and Thanks for listening to what I have to say.



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