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Keeping My Family Together

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Dear Reader, I am a mother of three school aged children. The reason I need your help at this time is because for the past nine months my children and I have been waiting and praying anxiously for their daddy to come back. It’s just been too long; see my husband has always been with us this has been a separation we did not expect. We have been married for almost eight years and have been together for almost twelve; we have three wonderful children and were working on building a house for our family. He has loved and provided for his family since our first daughter was born in 2004, I was able to become a stay at home mother and more importantly take care of my children without having to take them to anyone else. Now that they are all in school we decided it was time I look for starting or furthering my career. I enrolled in a Dental Assisting program at a nearby college on January 16, 2013 I thought everything was going well. We had plans to keep building, school, work, and our children. We were going to work this out together. Then my worst nightmare occurred on January 20, 2013. I thought I would never be able to look up again, but I believe God has given me strength to continue plus I have three little ones that count on me. It’s been hard on all of us; it’s just a situation where he did not abandon us, he did not go overseas because of war, or pass. This is just something that I know other families are going through and not everyone knows about. Families are being separated when they still have love; all over I see divorces and separations but this is not something we want to happen to us; yet it’s something we have to face every single day. There just has to be something that can be done. I’m tired of hearing how so many others have been able to stay in the U.S. and have had worse charges then the one my husband has had to face. My children and I need him here; I don’t want my marriage to end. I don’t want to hear my children say how they don’t want to go to Mexico and really this shouldn’t even be an option for them; they were born here and so was I. Our life is here and he is part of our life. Everything that needs to be done around us and regarding our house I cannot do on my own. He still has financial situations to take care of, a house to finish, children to raise, a family to support etc, etc. I am thankful for the support I have and the country I live in, but I really think this is my responsibility and my husband’s. He cannot take care of us if he is not here. We never lived a rich life but we were stable and were able to manage what little we had. At this time I am not able to work because I don’t have my husband to help me with our children. I don’t like having to be a government issue and we shouldn’t have to when my children and I were not abandoned or lost my husband. All we want is to have our family as a whole again. My children and I ask you to help us make this petition possible and with a successful outcome. Outcomes that will bring our family back together again without any more tears and short heart-breaking phone calls. So far everything and everyone I’ve talked to have given me short “no” answers and I am still waiting for that one “yes”. I know that I am one person reaching out for a miracle but I believe that anything can happen when you have faith and hope. All I keep hearing in the back of my mind is the song that my six year old keep singing randomly “One Small Voice by Jack Hartmann. My children are the one inspiring me to do something and say something. My whole life I’ve been a quiet person letting others hurt me and make me feel unwanted. I don’t want this for my children I need them to live a better life than the ones my husband and I have lived.

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