Help us Keep a Convicted Felon in Jail for the Shooting of Howard Hanna Agent Gayle Wolfer Sprague

Gayle Sprague
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Gayle Wolfer Sprague is an agent in the Howard Hanna Arcade (NY) office. On March 25, 1988, Gayle Wolfer Sprague was shot three times, along with her client, by Edward Beauford Cutner. The assailant’s intent was to kill Gayle and likely would have been successful if his gun had not misfired. Gayle’s assailant was sentenced to prison in 1989. He is up for parole this year and Gayle is scheduled to attend a victims’ meeting before the parole board on April 6, 2018. The more signatures Gayle can gather, the better chance that her assailant will not be granted parole. Please join us in signing the petition to keep Cutner in prison so that Gayle and others in the community can feel safe.



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