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Help Prevent and Decrease Climate Change

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Climate change is impacting the world in many different ways and this change in climate is threatening the world, both humans and animals alike. One of the direct results of climate change is an increase in temperatures. The five hottest years on record have all occurred since 1997 and the ten hottest years since 1990. Higher temperatures are caused by heat-trapping gases emitted by power plants, automobiles, deforestation, and other sources. The planet's oceans are also warming causing dangerous consequences such as stronger storms, coral bleaching, and rising seas. Approximately 100 million people worldwide live within three feet of sea level. Sea level rise could displace many people in low-lying areas. Many inhabitants of some small island countries have already been forced to flee due to the rise in sea level. Another major result of climate change involves the fact that wildlife is at risk. Polar bears may be gone from the planet in as little as 100 years due to melting ice in the Arctic. Also, many species are displaced by trying to move to areas with cooler temperatures. Humans are also in danger due to climate change. Higher temperatures lead to an increase in the risks of heat-related illnesses. In addition to heat-related illness, climate change may increase the spread of infectious diseases. Warmer temperatures would allow disease-carrying insects to survive in other areas that were once too cold for them to survive. We need to try our best to put an end to and reverse this current track of climate change.

By signing this petition you pledge to help stop climate change. One way to do this is to become aware of the things that you may do that could lead to climate change. One step in helping stop climate change is to be energy efficient. Another simple way to reduce climate change is to buy organic or locally grown food. Also, stay informed about climate change and spread the word so that others will also follow steps to reverse the issue of the change in climate.

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