Help move disington roundabout traffic lights

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On wednesday 9th January 2013 a local man was involved in an accident on the traffic light crossing parralel with the Myers and Bowman Toyota dealership at disington roundabout on the A595. The accident occured at around 8am and involved a car and a pushbike. The 45year old man, rider of the pushbike narrowly escaped with his life resulting with leg and shoulder injuries after a car coming off the roundabout at approx 30-40mph did not see the lights on red or the rider of the bike until the last minute. This petition has been started to get the local authorities to move the lights 50-100yds further up the road and off the junction as they are currenly a mere 3-4 car lengths off the roundabout. A number of people who use the lights on a regular basis have come extremely close to being hit by cars coming off the roundabout as drivers either do not see the lights or do not have enough time to react to the lights changing and it is only a matter of time before a near miss becomes a fatality. Please sign and show your support before a life is lost at this lethal crossing point. Many Thanks




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