Help me win Christina Aguilera's new album

Filipa Rosa
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3 Signatures Goal: 400

Hello. I would like you to help me win Christina Aguilera's new album "Lotus" (Deluxe Edition). All you need to do to help me is hitting the "LIKE" button on this picture on facebook: I really really wish to win this competition because all I would like to have for Christmas is this album! This competition was organised by Christina Aguilera Portugal facebook page. To win this competition, portuguese fans had to create a wallpaper with "Lotus" photoshot photos. The most liked photo wins the prize ("Lotus Deluxe Edition" physical CD). My country is living an economical crisis and we need to save money, so for Christmas all I asked my parents to offer me were school books that could help me during this school year, specilly because I got final exams in June. I'm a huge fan of Christina Aguilera and I love her music, that's why I want this album so bad. Please, just hit the "LIKE" button on the picture. All you need to do before "Liking" the photo is signing in with your facebook account. You don't even need to like the page were the photo is. Thank you, thank you so much





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