Help me become Austin Mahone's U Girl on July 26th!

Heather Joe
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My name is Heather Joe, and I'm 18 years old and I live in Katy, Texas. I love Austin Mahone so much! Even though I had only just recently become a Mahomie, I have been devoting every minute of my day to him and his friends Alex Constancio, Zach Dorsey, and Robert Villanueva. I love him and his friends to the moon and back. I just wish I had met Austin before he became famous because he seems like such an amazing person, and we're both from Texas. Please sign my petition for me to be his U Girl on July 26th for his show in Houston, Texas, in which he brings a girl on stage and sings his song "U" to her, so I can finally meet him! You can also help me spread the word on Twitter! My Twitter name is @its_featherr_19 and you can use the hashtag #Heather4UGirlJuly26



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