Help hacked fantagians!

Jennifer Briscoe
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Everyday a person playing Fantage is hacked. And yet, Fantage doesn't do anything to help the person who's items have been sold or traded! If we gather enough signatures, we may be able to convince Fantage to give us back our items! A friend of mine had been hacked and this is what she had told me:

I did email them, they sent me a code something this morning and I made my pass harder TTnTT. The hackers took my gum,frisky,and pointer but they gave me bunny tee. And fantage is not going to give me back my stuff I know it because all the other 4 times I got hacked they never gave me back my stuff. My friend sent them a note saying to give the items back,hope it works.
See? I was hacked too, I had all the good items, yet Fantage never replied or bothered to contact me. Please sign and maybe we can change their minds! ~Jenni


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