Help Google solve fragmentation issue.

Hayden Campbell
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With Android dominating the smartphone market, the expanse of choices and freedom is creating unfortunate issues for Android users and handset manafacturers alike. For the customer, they always have the dilemma of picking a phone that fits their lifestyle hoping it will not be left behind in future OS updates. For manafacturers, they must constantly refresh their products in order to not be ignored as releases from other manafacturers after their product launches can quickly leave them forgotten. In terms of profit and revenue, manafacturers such as Samsung (who does make quality products) are part of an ever shrinking club of Android manafacturers profiting off their mobile devices. This ultimately leads to a decreased amount of competition and lack of future innovation. Google is not doing enough to alleviate this situation and can actually may be furthering the problem. Though rotating manafacturers for its Nexus devices is great, the actual manafacturers profit very little from these devices and often have to give up sales of their own similarly specced devices as they have to sell them much higher to profit while Google can sell their Nexuses at or below cost and recoup through Google Play sales. I believe I have a viable solution that will benefit both manafacturers and customers alike.



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