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In January 2008, Ebony Dawkins life Changed, her 5 boys David Jr., Matteo, Jerimiah, Brandon and Christian Dawkins where taken into custody in Montgomery county PA, Ebony suffers from Numerous Physical and Mental Ailments, Had a husband that was a drug abuser and she was doing the best that she can with very little help and support from her family and the system. In November 2009 was the last time she got to visit with her kids, that was less than 2 years they gave her to save first last and a security deposit, buy furniture, and establish a residence for her and 5 boys, no one helped her get legal aid, no one helped her reffer her to services that helps disabled people and she was STILL waiting to hear from SSI about getting help for her disabilities, she enrolled in school and was struggling to find a job with very little experience. PLEASE HELP EBONY By signing this petition, she now has a job, she attends a local church and she is really trying to be able to at least send emails to her boys, letters and pictures, she has contact with 1 of the 5, she is even allowed to have him over for overnight stays, we are trying to get it where she can possibly get a second chance to be a mom to David Jr. and Brandon who have not been adopted are in Long term Foster Care. Please help by signing this petition and stating you are a mom or dad that wants to help another parent who has a totally different situation get help to see her boys, if you are a lawyer that works in PA and you can help please let us know by contacting Please pass this to all your friends!




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