Hellcat's Recovery Flasher (aka RF) support up to current FW and additional new features

Nicholas Thompson
Nicholas Thompson 2 Comments
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Hello PSP sceners, old and new. I am setting this petition up to get Hellcat to update his amazing tool, Recovery Flasher, past version 1.65, to support 6.60 firmware and other additional new features like further fw packs, etc. I know that if we can get enough signatures we can get him to do it, so please, sign this petition. I know we can and will all benefit from an updated version, and I want one. You should too. Please sign this and tell everyone else in the PSP/etc/console scene(s) to sign as well who will use this tool. I look forward to 6.60 support and new additional feautures. We can do this people, I just need some help nudging Hellcat forward. Regards and requesting your signature, npt