Canadian Helicopter Industry - Work Permits

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Claudette Desch Assistant Deputy Minister Citizenship and Immigration Canada Assistant Deputy Minister, Operations 365 Laurier Avenue West Ottawa ON K1A 1L1 Canada and Janice Charette Deputy Minister Human Resources and Skills Development Canada Deputy Ministers Office HRSDC 140 Promenade du Portage Gatineau QC K1A 0J9 Canada Re: Foreign work permits- Occupation Helicopter Pilot I am a skilled helicopter pilot and Canadian Citizen. I am unemployed. Due to the recent economic down turn, there are many persons like myself who are also unemployed, while there are many work permit holders occupying positions where I could otherwise be gainfully employed. At present there is no reason why HRDC and Immigration should continue to issue 1 year working holiday permits or sponsored work permits while there are a surplus of Skilled Canadians looking for work in this very small industry with limited opening every year. Please take immediate action to remedy this situation. Thank You