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The Petition

 Dear Mr Haslam,

On behalf of the Cleveland Browns fan base, we beg you not to hire Michael Lombardi as General Manager.  Please, keep Tom Heckert.  Browns fans will always be loyal to a fault, however Tom is the reason this team has a solid foundation and young talent.  Please remember, change is not always the answer

Top 5 reasons to keep Tom Heckert
1. Joe Haden 
2. Best young D Line in NFL
3. Solidified OL
4. Recognizing & addressing needs w/o using FA as band aid
5. Josh Gordon - proving to be a future #1 WR

Top 5 reasons Not to Hire Michael Lombardi

1.  Thought Browns should take Wilson and not Haden due to poor 40 time
2.  Ridiculed Browns for selection of Richardson & Weeden
3.  Jamarcus Russel
4.  Gave Browns 2012 draft a C- grade
5.  Review his draft record; dating back to 1990's

And bonus

6.  Untrustworthy - just ask Bernie Kosar

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