Hearing Loops Tampa International Airport

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Tess Crowder
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We, the undersigned, agree with Let's Loop America and Loop Florida that hearing loops in transportation venues such as Tampa International Airport should no longer be considered a luxury. The necessity of hearing loop systems is becoming increasingly important for the safety and convenience of the millions of people who utilize Tampa International Airport each year from all over the world. Hearing loops are common throughout Europe, the UK and Australia, and visitors from these regions are accustomed to this accommodation. Isn't it time we accommodate ALL?

This summary from HearingLoop.org sums it up best:

"Every hard of hearing person knows the added travel anxieties arising from hearing loss. In noisy, sometimes cavernous stations, one wonders: Was that the train to Washington or Wilmington that's now boarding? In airport gate areas, one struggles to understand the explanation for one's apparently delayed flight--or did the gate agent say that boarding will commence shortly?"

People with hearing loss are not always traveling with a hearing person, and for the safety, anonymity and convenience of individuals living with hearing loss we would request the inclusion of hearing loops in the upcoming and ongoing renovations of Tampa International Airport.

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