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As you all know, Desteria has been left with just two managers after Emecay's unfortunate departure. This means the workload for our two remaining managers has been increased by 33%. On top of that, 5.0 is just around the corner and with the rise of the player count will come a sudden inflow of emails and possible bans.

In order to make sure work is completed quickly and efficiently, there is more than likely going to be a new manager picked soon. I am optimistic Emecay may return, but worst case scenario she doesn't, another will take her place.

I would like to be this character. Very well known among the community, and as an entertainer in real life, I can utilize key skills such as meeting deadlines, working well under pressure and most of all, getting work done quickly and confidently. In fact, here's a little skills audit I've put together. Aside from the three things aforementioned in this paragraph, here are a few more things you may like to know:

  • Team-player - To be a part of a team, you need to respect your team members/co-workers. Respect is a two way street, and is an essential part of being a team. I work as part of a team in real-life in many cases, one of which being part of a group that puts on local performances for the public to see.
  • Great communication skills - I'm very confident when approaching people in general and a very good speaker.
  • Ability to write punctually and grammatically correct - To ensure players can understand what I am saying clearly.
  • Ability to take criticism - In management, or any kind of job or hobby that you get involved in, you will take criticism. As many others would just brush it off and continue the way they are, I use feedback to reflect upon my actions and see how they could become better as quickly as possible.
  • Organized - I have a very strong distaste of being unprepared for things. If you aren't prepared, then you are nervous and not confident - which in turn leads to not being able to perform a job correctly. I like to make sure I'm well prepared for whatever tasks I have coming up.
  • Professionalism - When it comes to a working environment, professionalism is key. Say if you're working for a company, you'll want to make sure you are as professional as possible with dealing with things as you are representing that company. Without this, you would be fired, instantly.
  • Not bias - In no way, shape or form am I bias. I perform my duties and treat everyone as equals. I don't believe a specific group of people should be given privileges over others, depending on the circumstance. When it comes to warnings and consequences, I deal with everyone the same.
  • Able to have a laugh - Although, yes, you'd want to do a job seriously, you have to have a laugh every now and then. Staff aren't robots, they can have fun too and interact with the community. In fact, this is very heavily needed. For people to respect you, you need to build up relationships with them. You need to let them know you're their friend and therefore can get through to them better.

Alongside 5.0, Mineteria is also in the works. Theoretically, if the same admins are kept, that'll mean 2 managers will have to spread their work across two servers. This would greatly increase the workload - but with the implementation of a new manager (myself), this workload would be cut down.

I ask of you, my fellow Desterians, that you nominate me for the position of manager. Usually managers are picked by other managers and the owners, but in this case, we let the community have a say about who they would like in charge.

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