Vote of No Confidence in Assemblymember Hayashi

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Dear California Citizens,

Have you had enough of legislators who "pander" to powerful special interest groups? Have you had enough of legislators who introduce bills, like AB 783, that enable inherent conflicts of interest and financial benefit to members of Big Money PAC associations? Do you want to take a stand against legislators who introduce legislation that will create safe harbors for medical professionals offering illegal and substandard patient care rather than supporting the wise use of scarce health care dollars? Are you tired of legislators engaging in shtick theatrics when pushing through public policy and engaging upon tactics of intimidation against well-respected public law enforcement officials?

Do you believe that a convicted shoplifter should be not be allowed to serve in the state legislature as Chair of the Assembly Business and Professions Committee?

Do you believe legislators should respect the law rather than dragging the Physical Therapy Board of California (PTBC) through a "witch hunt" audit of the PTBC’s activities at a cost to California taxpayers of $188,000? That's a lot of zeros!

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, sign this petition to send Assembly Member Mary Hayashi a "vote of no confidence." California cannot afford another "zero."

Best in health,

People Opposing Referral-for-Profit Kickbacks (PORK)

"We know pork barrel legislation when we see it."