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Hawaii Cheerleading Judging Questionable

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** This petition has been closed and is no longer accepting signatures or comments. However, it is still visible to the public. We don't know how long it will remain visible, but if it's still here after the results of the OIA's we may put an update regarding any positive or negative changes. Thank you & Aloha! **

This Petition welcomes ALL opinions of the public audience and anyone wanting to contribute and support our High School Cheer Leading teams with concerns of the questionable judging by the Hawaii High School Athletic Association Cheerleading Judges, which has been ongoing for at least the past 4 years. Most recently, there seems to be many concerns about the judging at the recent Western Regional Championship that took place at Kalani High School dated October 21st 2018. At the conclusion of this competition the judges scoring was released and the results were so disputatious that it was being vocally expressed throughout the gymnasium.

Our Cheer Leading Youth from ALL the High School Teams put in an extraordinary amount of sacrifice, hardwork and dedication which is evident at every competition. All these teams deserve to be treated and judged with honesty, fairness and integrity as it so states in the Hawaii High School Athletic Association's website under the Official's Tab.

This petition is to put a stop to the erroneous and flawed officiating once and for all. We can no longer sit back and allow our Youth to be treated unfairly and better put, disgraced.

If you decide to make a comment and participate in this petition, please write your comments as honestly, thoroughly and PROFESSIONALLY from a completely non bias perspective. Your participation and comments are greatly appreciated.

The results of this Petition WILL be submitted to ALL the over seeing authorities beginning with the Hawaii High School Athletic Association.

To all the Cheer Leading Teams, keep your chin up you did an amazing job, this is for YOU!!


** Individual videos of the Varsity teams at the Westerns on October 21, 2018 **

8th Place: Waianae -

7th Place: Campbell -

6th Place: Waipahu -

5th Place: Kapolei -

4th Place: Leilehua -

3rd Place: Aiea -

2nd Place: Pearl City -

1st Place: Mililani -

Video of all teams -


341 - Waianae

404.50 - Campbell

409 - Waipahu

414 - Kapolei

431 - Leilehua

440.75 - Aiea

446 - Pearl City

491.50 - Millilani

All Varsity videos from Cheer Channel Hawaii -

1. This petition was forwarded to the OIA Executive Director Mr. Raymond Fujino, and to the Cheer representative Mr. Kekoa Kaluhiokalani.

- Mr. Fujino stated that he would forward our concerns to their cheer leading association and replied the following message:

" My basic message is we are moving forward with our competition". Then stated he is trusting the judges to do their job. It was also stated that they will not revisit or change their position based on a petition because that is not how the league is operated. He also apologized in advance if his response is not favorable.

- Mr. Kaluhiokalani has not responded.

2. This petition and other details were shared with Hawaii News Now and KHON.

3. Please remember that this petition is about unfair judging and not about bashing any coaches, schools, clubs, and especially the cheer teams. We just want our cheer teams to be judged fairly. We are hoping for a positive result moving forward.

4. Copy of email sent to OIA Executive Director Raymond Fujino

"Mr. Raymond Fujino,

I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your time and efforts as the OIA Executive Director. With your help I know our Cheer athletes throughout the schools can move forward with an improved positive outlook.

They work extremely hard and more importantly they are our Cheer Leaders. The ones who set the example on and off our sidelines as inspiring leaders and are always there for us when the game or life isn't going so well. Please pass this on so no one forgets that.

Thank you very much.

5. We want to commend all those who voiced out, stood together, and contributed to this petition. With the overwhelming amount of signatures and support, your voices and concerns have been heard. Each and every one of your signatures is what made a difference. We received an additional email from the OIA Executive Director: Mr. Raymond Fujino, which stated that our concerns will be communicated to the member schools. We will be closing this petition tonight because we want all the cheer teams to concentrate on the OIA's coming up on Saturday, November 3rd at Kaiser High School. We believe that this petition will have positive results moving forward regarding the way our cheer teams are judged in the future. We hope that this petition have opened the eyes to those who were unaware of what was happening in our cheer community. We look forward to positive changes for all the cheer teams and cheer judges moving forward.

Take care and good luck to all the cheer teams, coaches, and schools! Aloha!

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