Have Joel Loth Perform his role of "Gaston" in Disney's Beauty and the Beast for all 6 shows

Thomas Martin
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This petition has been made to persuade the Chaminade College Preparatory Administration to help the Chaminade Players and have Joel Loth removed from any basketball games and practices that could possibly interfere with his role as "Gaston" in all six performances of the Chaminade Player's production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. If Joel Loth is pulled out of these said games and practices, then there are surely several other players who normally sit on the bench who can now have the opportunity to shine on the court. In the case of the Chaminade Players, if Joel Loth were to miss performances, not only would this not be fair to them, but to the audience as well. The Players will have to quickly rearrange roles and change blocking to due Loth's absence. Also, the audience will not be able to experience the same show as many other patrons.