Have From Soft get rid of Soul Memory

Garrett Wineman
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Most of the Dark Souls community finds it frustrating in pvp when we set a meta for the community, and invade overpowered people because of Soul Memory. This petition is being made, because quite frankly, Soul memory ruined pvp for allot of the Dark souls veterans who loved the pvp.Please From Soft, we do not like being matched up with max level Havel Mages when we are only level 150, Soul memory kills the PVP aspect of this game and takes out uniqueness in builds. When the soul memory builds , a;; you see is overpowered havel monsters with hexes who can fast role. Thats just plain boring, so please tweak or remove it all together. Make it so people on the NG have soul memory. But after the first playthrough, it goes away, and switches to levels for coop and PVP.

Sincerely, a concerned Souls series fan/Veteran PVPer



June 17
We are now live!



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