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Haunted Toledo Preserving History

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Haunted Toledo

preserving history by documenting folklore and legends in Ohio and Beyond

Haunted Toledo is asking for the help of the public to express the importance of documenting historical sites for our book, by Christopher Tillman and Arcadia Publishing, as well as our filmed docu-series. Our goal is to preserve history and get the younger generations involved by telling the history and legends of different establishments and locations. Sadly, many of these establishments are being torn down without documenting and researching the buildings. Memories are forever lost in the destruction of the buildings. The history belongs to the community. It is tragic to tear down a building without securing its legacy for the residence and tourists to be able to properly reflect upon the rich history that once stood there.

Haunted Toledo not only does extensive research on the history of an establishment, we also thoroughly document any legends by investigating the buildings, photographing, video recording, and gathering personal experience statements. We sign waivers and do this at our own risk. We are not just “ghost hunters” and we do not do this as a hobby. We go into condemned buildings and document every inch of the location. We securely place all gathered information into our docu-series as well as our book to share with the community and the world. We do not keep the information for ourselves and don’t do this as a “thrill”. We do our job very well and insure the locations and stories will live on long after they are torn down.

Haunted Toledo has done other locations in Toledo such as The Commodore Perry, The Toledo Rep, and many more. Haunted Toledo has been featured in fall of 2017 on The Toledo Blade, Channel 13 abc, The City Paper, and more following us along as we film our docu-series.

One such location in danger of being lost before documented is the Riverside Hospital of Toledo, Ohio. It is almost criminal that they are willing to tear down this incredible structure without having the inside and outside documented, photographed, filmed for a series and placed firmly in a reputable book. Riverside Hospital is owned by TPS, who has a few concerns... 1) Hobby ghost hunters want to go in to thrill seek for paranormal activity and 2) concerns of safety. While Haunted Toledo will be documenting any paranormal activity, we will also be doing extensive research on the history and personal experiences. We will not be doing this for our own pleasure to keep the findings for ourselves... we will be doing this to place in Christopher Tillman's book which is being published by Arcadia Publishing, as well as a filmed docu-series for the world to enjoy!

We are willing to sign any waiver and liability forms to do this at our own risk in order to archive and document all findings. Please help us convince TPS that tearing down this old building without allowing us in to do our work would be a horrible decision to say the least.

TPS was open to Haunted Toledo coming into investigate, until another local group (wanting to do it as a hobby) complained. With added attention to a growing amount of hobby ghost hunters, TPS decided to ask the question if it would be safe for anyone to document and involved their legal department. Understanding the need for safety, Haunted Toledo offered to go along with their construction crew to map out safe areas and unsafe locations as well as sign any papers insuring they are not responsible for our safety. We are at a stand-still with negotiation at this point.. so I turn to the public for help before it is too late!

Haunted Toledo also has a set appointment to interview the Mayor of Toledo about what Toledo's history means to her and to the community; we would like to do it at The Riverside Hospital.

The history of this building is not yours to destroy, TPS. It belongs to the community. Please let us come in and secure its history before you bulldoze it to the ground. We are willing to either come in on a two day investigation (12 hrs per day on a weekend) with 7 members of our crew, in order to safely document the entire building... or we are willing to do it on a 1 day investigation (Saturday) from noon until 6am to ensure it is completely covered. This needs to be done before December or allowed in spring of 2018.

We are asking for your help to please sign this petition in support of what we are doing so we may continue to do this much needed work, despite any obstacles we may face from locations that do not want to be documented before they are demolished.
Thank you so much for supporting our work, our book, our filmed series, and most of all our communities’ history.
Sarah Chelten

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