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Hauling on Township 393 24/7 Summer 2018

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Corman Park Council

Town of Osler

Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

Kelly Block- MP

Nancy Heppner- MLA


CC: Clark’s Crossing Gazette

Re: Proposal of Hauling on Township 393 Heading West off Highway 11to accommodate 24/7 Material Transport

To Whom It May Concern:

Kelly Panteluk Construction Ltd (KPCL) has recently requested permission from the RM of Corman Park to haul gravel outside of the daytime hours that truckers are normally restricted to; the purpose of their request is to facilitate the early completion of the Highway 305 overpasses at Highways 11 and 12. If approved, KPCL would be allowed to haul 24 hours a day between May 1 and August 31. The residents along Township Road 393 west of Highway 11 have many concerns about this proposal that we need to have addressed before putting our support behind it. The concerns outlined below are around dust management, speed management, road maintenance/repair, and the timeline of the project. These were addressed in a memo to residents before the beginning of hauling along this route in August 2017, but we feel the dust and speed issues were poorly managed.

With written confirmation that the following issues will be adequately addressed, the residents signing this letter agree to take no further action in regards to this proposal from KPCL. The following is an outline of the requests from the affected parties.

  • Dust Management
  • Speed Management
  • Repair/Maintenance of Township Road 393
  • Project Timeline

This issue of dust is of upmost importance. Last year this was part of an agreement by KPCL and the town of Osler, but was not managed adequately. Watering the road a few times per day did little to keep the dust down, and on most days the dust rendered the yards backing Township Road 393 unusable; those with dust allergies often found it unbearable in their own homes as well.

Many town residents use Township Road 393 to walk or ride in the summer months, especially the portion between Highway 11 and the railroad tracks. Corman Park, the RCMP and the Town of Osler are all very aware of the issues with the speed on this road. Again, this is an area that KPCL stated they would manage with an electronic speed sign, but this sign was usually set up west of the railroad tracks towards Valley Christian Academy. This seemed to do little to control speed on the stretch of road mentioned above. This is primarily a safety concern, but also ties directly to the dust issue.

From our understanding, part of the agreement between the Town of Osler and KPCL included a commitment to, upon completion of the project, “bring [the road] to a level or condition greater than it currently is”. The Town of Osler does not have the funds to properly fix this road, and there is concern that KPCL will simply do the bare minimum to meet this requirement. However, after experiencing many “Band-Aid” repairs to this road in the past, we would like a commitment from KPCL to fully repave Township Road 393 from Highway 11 up to the railroad tracks.

Residents want to see the project completed this year. There are obvious convenience issues (dust, noise, etc.), which spill over into concerns around the real estate along the trucking route (decreased house values, ease of selling a house, etc.).

We feel that these requests are warranted and do not place an unreasonable demand on KPCL. However, failure to adequately address these issues will result in continued contention and more attention to this issue. There are 22 houses in Osler backing Township Road 393, and those signing this letter collectively agree that properly addressing these issues will ensure that all parties are satisfied with the proposal by KPCL.

-Residents affected by KPCL hauling on Township Road 393-

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