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HAST's Uniform Policy

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HAST's mission is to provide students with the best quality education, environment, and technology of course, and is succeeding at an accelerating pace in doing so. When many of us first applied, we thought this would be a different school that would be a new experience compared to our previous schools. So far, aside from some minor glitches, the school has been great in providing us with a new idea of how a school should be. However, one complaint that many of the HAST students have about the upcoming year is the New Uniform Policy. We believe that it is a bit strict on us as hardworking students, and has a few considerable downsides to it. First of all, it would be quite a hassle on the office secretaries that we have working at HAST. If multiple students are sent down to call home for a change of clothes every day, it will back up incoming and outgoing traffic, and the phone lines will be tied up. This would be an inefficient usage of time spent on a forgotten belt, or the wrong color socks. Secondly, the uniforms this year will cost a lot more than uniforms did in previous years. Coming from a low income family, this will become quite inconvenient for some parents. Some families have to drive a great distance just to supply their child with a specific uniform. It would be beneficial to both families, and the school staff, if us students could possibly compromise with wearing something less intricate than the policy demands. Another reason why some students are upset with the uniform policy is comfort. It is distracting, and students will spend more time squirming in an itchy shirt or a belt that is too tight than they will learning. In previous years, students were able to wear pant and shirt styles that were appropriate in the school environment, and were comfortable for them as well. The gym students were able to bring their own workout clothing that was comfortable for them, and it was not a distraction or a problem with their class. We as students think that many of these added policy rules are unnecessary. We understand that HAST wants their students to look as professional and as neat as possible, but some of the guidelines are just a bit much. HAST is trying to prepare us for the work world, but we think and all agree that not every job is going to be so strict on a dress code. We are all still young and like to have some sense of originality, while having a professional attitude and appearance as well. Us HAST students can prove that both can be accomplished without such harsh rules and circumstances. Last years Uniform Policy sufficed the school with a professional atmosphere, allowed students comfort, and allowed families to buy inexpensive uniform clothing. More students are likely to break the rules in the upcoming year because of the strict guidelines. More of us are more concerned about learning, not being sent down to the office for not wearing a belt or wearing khaki skinny jeans. We as students would gladly comply with the following, and if the school does not agree, we would like to possibly negotiate a happy medium with both staff and students: Khaki or Black Slacks that sit at the waist Black, White or Gold T-Shirt Black, White or Gold Collared Shirt Black or White Closed Toe & Closed Heel Shoes Black or White sneakers. Only Black or Grey sweaters/Sweatshirts/Hoodies will be permitted Skirts/Skorts must come down to girls’ knees Socks must be solid, neutral color. Length, pattern, and style must be the same. Students will NOT be allowed to wear the following during the school day: No cut off shorts. No clothes that are distressed, have holes, or rips Coats and jackets(must be put in school backpack or on chair) No hats, or bandanas,. Hats are to be stored in bookbags or lockers. Young ladies may wear small post earrings and hoops that do not exceed one half of an inch. Athletic or School Club paraphernalia without School Administrators’ approval The use of natural colored hair dye is permitted. Any colors that are not deemed natural color will not be allowed. * (Teachers and staff reserve the right to respectfully confiscate articles of clothing that do not adhere to the school’s dress code policy) Acceptable Friday Dress Code HAST Shirt Appropriate jeans with no holes or rips. Skirts/Skorts must come down to girls’ knees Socks must be solid, neutral color. Length, pattern, and style must be the same. Sneakers. All Black or All White Closed Toe & Closed Heel Shoes. Administrative Consequences: 1st Offense: Warning from Teacher 2nd Offense: Teacher assigns student After School Detention 3rd Offense: Teacher assigns student Friday Detention 4th Offense: Student is assigned Saturday Detention 5th Offense: One Day In School Suspension (Defiance) 6th Offense: Conference with Assistant Principal and Principal of School Friday Retrieval: Students that had clothes or other items confiscated throughout the week will be allowed to retrieve their belongings Friday after school.

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