We want Harshad & Aditi back on screen!

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Dear Ekta Kapoor & Balaji Telefilms

During a time when only Saas-Bahu stories were on top, Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa
Dil debuted and went on top.  From the beginning, it didn't follow any
other trends but instead made it's own.  A fresh romantic story,
amazing dialogues and brilliant cinematography might have been few of
the reasons why so much of the audience loved the show but more than
anything, it was the performances by the cast.

More than anyone else, it was Harshad Chopda and Additi Gupta as Prem
and Heer that made a place in everyone's heart.  Everyday at 8:30 pm,
fans across the world would sit in front of the tv watching the story
of Prem and Heer unfold. A good love story needs a good screenplay
but it also needs great chemistry between the two lead and Additi and
Harshad had that and much more. Winners of many "favorite jodi" awards,
with each episode, their fan following grew.

Despite being the most popular couple on Star Plus and one of the most popular
couples on TV and despite Kis Desh having such a huge fan following,
the Star Plus channel were unfair to the fans and ruined the show by
moving to an afternoon slot and eventually ending it.  A good love
story never gets forgotten. Eternal lovers can never be forgotten. Prem and Heer are eternal lovers and their fans would continue to love them so. Prem and Heer to the fans mean Harshad Chopda and Additi Gupta. The fans stood behind the show
through thick and thin and more than anything else, they deserve more
than an abrupt ending to their favorite show.

The fans would once again like to see the magic of Harshad and Additi back onscreen.  We sure that if they are brought into a show again, they will once again, spread their magic and make a great and hit show.  As fans of Kis Desh and Additi & Harshad, we stayed with the show no matter what, and maybe it's time we get something back in form of another great show from Balaji with our favorite lead playing the main roles.

We once want Vikas Gupta & Madhura Rapsang as the creative heads

From Deshians (Fans of KDMHMD & Harshiti)




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