Save Hammond Square Mall

Nick Brilleaux
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Last fall, the city of Hammond, Louisiana announced the renovation of the Hammond Square Mall, a HISTORICAL landmark that has been in our town for decades. This \"renovation\" is more than just a new paint job. It would involve demolishing the current structure, ridding it of its squareness, which would result in a name change for the mall. When the Alamo got a little rusty did the good people of San Antonio bulldoze it with a nicer, much cleaner, more entertaining Alamo that featured more stores and more than one elevator I think not. Many residents of Hammond are unaware of the number of records their mall has set: -The first mall in America to have no book store. -The only mall in America to have a Uniquely Wood on more than one floor. -The only shopping center in the universe where Good Will and the local food shelter are its number one competitors.