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Halo 2 for the PC

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I know you guys have probably heard or seen this all too many times, but Gearbox or someone needs to make Halo 2 PC. A lot of you don\'t like what Gearbox did with original Halo PC when they ported it. Many were disappointed in how they removed a lot of effects and textures from the game, and many are disappointed about the pings and how there\'s always a lot of server lag. But, consider this before beginning your ranting: Halo: Combat Evolved was not Xbox Live supported, and Halo 2 is. In other words, this means Bungie has already optimized the netcode, so Gearbox doesn\'t need to make one (except maybe one for co-op, which I\'ll explain later). Servers and multiplayer games will run much better than opposed its predecessor. All Gearbox would have to do with the game is basically change around the menu systems a bit to allow you to customize your visual and audio quality settings etc for your best PC performance. If Gearbox and Bungie or some other company working with Bungie decides to port this game over to PC though, there must be some definite improvements than what they did with Halo PC: - DO NOT take out co-op. Even if you are forced to do another crappy netcode like Halo PC\'s. Just make it LAN only then. This way, with computers being directly connected to eachother, people would not experience any lag and it would run just fine. It\'s not that hard. No harm would be done. - Include ALL of the original Xbox graphics of the game. Halo PC was missing graphics from its Xbox version despite even when you have maxed all visual settings for the game. These graphics include: Assault rifle shine and scratch marks, teleporter effects, jackal shield color changing, cave smoke effect, and more. Instead of just taking these kinds of graphics, textures, and effects out all together, make them options to turn on for the people who actually have the graphics cards to handle them. The hardcore players want the best viusal quality, and there\'s no reason the PC version can\'t look as good as its Xbox counterpart.


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