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Colby Senior
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Hello everyone, I am Colbrax1996. That's my gt on Xbox but please don't fr me, I don't like spam. This petition is to try and persuade 343industries to make some upgrades on their forge mode. As you may know, forge is a map editing game type in the popular Halo video game series. You can create, edit and share maps with the halo community online or just do it for self leisure. It is also a great weapon against games such as CoD and battlefield. I am trying to voice some upgrades that the fans crave. Not only will they be happy about it but it will give more positive reactions leading to more consumer interest. That means more money for them. Take not that these are ideas that me and the community share. The first upgrade is budgets and limitations. Increase the budget and make the forge environments bigger. If we want a small map, we can set our own boundrys. Also, increase item count, forgers always are restricted because of that and the budget. Second upgrade is the long awaited ai bots. This can be part of a hazard list on forge. You set them in area(s) and their size reflects how far they will go without heading back to area. A major hate forwards Halo 4 was lack of firefight and invasion. I say adding the air bots can lead no invasion returning but merged with firefight. The air bots can be assigned labels and teams for that. The best part is that they shouldn't count in the player party or effect score. There just there and potentially hostile. Upgrade Three is the merging of objects, say you make a base, you can merge them all using a merge zone feature that will keep them together as a single item and formula. If you copy it then it uses the same kind of materials if available and won't copy if their not. This can lead to more symmetric or dynamic maps in forge. Upgrade four is the small stuff, things like signs, openable gates/doors, destructible environments and nature itself. Those things can change the game up and lead to neater map designs. And now upgrade five, one true environment known as forge planet. This is the fun part, its just a huge old ocean that takes more space up then Forge World and Forge Island combined. You would be given a unlimited number of nature to place that don't take budget or space. You creat the very land itselb by placeing land block(grass, sand, dirt, etc.), hills, greens(trees, bushes, etc.), mountains among other stuff. This way players can truly immerse themselves in map building. After they are done, they save it as a template for creating maps on. They could make a huge island filled with forests containing air elites, mountains or caves filled with crawlers, underground cavern system, the possibilies are endless. With the Xbox One's capability, this should be able to be done.





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